Why become a promotional model blogger?

Our goal at Vantage Advertising is to be the go-to resource for promotional models. To achieve this, we need experts like you to share what you’ve learned and experiences you’ve had as a promotional model.  Whether you call yourself a brand ambassador, a trade show model, a promotional model, or a product specialist… we call you a future blogger!  You’ve got a voice, and we want to hear it. But you may wonder…

What’s in it for you?

Spotlight Saturday Featured Promotional ModelSubmitting content as a promo model blogger is not a paid gig, however, we will help you be more successful in your modeling career. In exchange for your published modeling articles and videos, we will do our part to promote you on social media with our network of 10,000 connections. Read the full overview of what it means to be a featured promotional model blogger.

Here’s the skinny on what we’ll really do:

  • First and foremost, you’ll be a “Featured Promo Model” on our website for 4 weeks from the date your content is published.  We receive over 50,000 page views a month!
  • Your head shot and profile will also be featured on our website in the city where you work.  Check out the 3 current Chicago Brand Ambassadors we’re featuring.
  • Your post will be authored by you, not us.  And we’ll include a head shot, and link to your modeling profile with a “Hire Me” button prominently displayed.
  • In addition, we will do a “Spotlight Saturday” post on our social media channels with a link to your model profile.  We’ll also include your social network links (if we tweet, we’ll include your handle, if it’s Facebook we’ll link to your profile, etc.).
  • Finally, your promo model blog posts can include links to your social networks to help you gain new followers.

We are active on social media and welcome you to the conversation and promo model community. Check us out on social media to see for yourself!

So what types of promo blogs are we looking for?

Promotional model blogger – that’s a mouthful!  All we are really looking for is promo models who have knowledge they want to share. As a promotional model blogger you can submit written or video blogs! But your blogs submissions should, of course, relate to the promotional modeling industry.

What would promo model video blogs consist of?

We are working towards a video series to be published on Mondays by promo models, for promo models. “Ask A Model Monday” would feature short videos that get blasted to our social networks and re-shared over time, showcasing YOU as the expert on promo modeling. You get to talk for 2-8 minutes about lessons learned, tips and tricks you’ve used, experiences, stories, testimonials, and any other information you think your fellow promo models might find useful.  Some examples of things you might talk about could be:

  • Your secret to staying cool when working a warm weather, outdoor event.
  • Make-up application tips.
  • Hair care product reviews.
  • Things you’ve learned about a specific convention center.
  • Do’s and Don’ts in your industry.
  • Most comfortable shoes to wear.
  • How you got noticed or started.
  • Insert your idea here!

Be sure to read our guide to recording good quality video BEFORE you get started!

Promo Modeling Blogger TipsWhat are we looking for in written content?

First, keep in mind that blog posts should be conversational and helpful.  We want you to share your insight and expertise as an event model or brand ambassador. You can share things you have learned through your experiences as a trade show or promotional model. You can write about anything that relates to being a brand ambassador, part of a street team, a product sampler and so on.  Just remember as you write these articles, they should be written to an audience of promotional or trade show models, just like you!

Quick Tips for Blog Writing:

Written articles should be short and conversational, because you only have a short period of time where your readers stay engaged.  As a result, you’ll want to keep your articles light, and get right to the point.

Because you are not paid per word, there is no minimum or maximum length – it just needs to be long enough to get your point across. Try to avoid too much fluff.

Write in short bits of information.  People like content that is easy to digest, so lists work really well on blog posts.  Things like:

  • 5 reasons to wear red to your promotional modeling interview.
  • 6 tips for applying make-up for trade show modeling gigs.
  • 4 ways to stay cool during summer street team gigs.
  • 3 things you need to know about the Javitz Center.

Those are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  But we want to hear from you.  We’ll do some minor copy editing to your article, but will do everything we can to keep it as close to the original submission as possible. Your name will be on it, so make yourself look good!

In conclusion, we do have one strict rule about these promo model blogs… They have to be submitted as original content. We cannot republish articles written by you, that have already been published on other websites or blogs, no matter how good they are.  So send us only your best, new content!

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