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Costume and Mascots Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

Costume characters, costume models, and mascots are hired to assist in strengthening brand awareness and making your product stand out against your competitors. To be the face of your business they must understand the character they are playing and your brand’s personality.

The top theme parks in the world – Disney, Universal, and Six Flags – all use costume characters to excite and gather crowds. That should tell you something about the effectiveness of costume models. Simply adding a promotional model dressed as your company’s mascot or recognizable character will entice on-lookers to check out what is going on at your booth.

Vantage costume models and character models will encourage attendees to approach your booth, take pictures, and upload the images onto their social media profiles. This is a win-win situation for your business because not only can your sales staff interact with these potential leads, but also branded photos of your company’s trade show booth and product will be shared online.

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