What is a Trade Show Model?

What is a trade show model?  Trade show models are a type of promotional model that are dedicated to working trade shows and expos. Also referred to as booth models or convention models, they are experienced at drawing in foot traffic and generating trade show leads.  The basic responsibilities of a trade show model include bring clients into a booth, offering product samples, registering attendees and talking to sales prospects.

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3 Common Questions About Trade Show Models

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Trade Show Model?

How much does it cost to hire a trade show model? The standard trade show model rates vary depending on the type of booth staff that is required. Companies exhibiting at conventions are typically looking to hire trade show temps or trade show presenters. Trade show temps, or booth hostesses are hired to assist with greeting attendees, handing out promotional items or scanning badges. Trade show presenter on the other hand, are trained to speak in front of large crowds, are comfortable using ear prompters and can successfully deliver a brands message.

The cost to hire a booth hostess ranges from $30 – $45 per hour. The price varies depending on the size of the trade show, the event location and the experience level of the hostess. If you’re looking to hire a trade show model in Las Vegas expect to pay towards the higher end of this range. Hiring a trade show presenter will set you back between $55 – $95 per hour. Rates vary based on where the presentation is taking place, the length of the script and the experience level of the presenter.

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Why Do Companies Hire Trade Show Models?

Why do companies hire trade show models? The simple answer is to make sure their trade show booth is fully staffed always. Exhibitors invest a large amount of time and money into attending trade shows. Having attendees walk past their booth because no one is free to speak with them leads to missed opportunities. Hiring professional trade show staff solves this problem by putting an outgoing, friendly and personable face at every corner of the booth. While these models aren’t typically asked to close sales, they are fully capable of providing potential clients with basic product information and taking down contact information.

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How To Find Trade Show Models?

I’m exhibiting at a trade show; how do I find a booth hostess? The simplest way to find booth staffing is by contacting a local trade show staffing agency. A smart agency will start by asking you what type of event you’re attending, what size booth you have, if you’ve hired booth staffing before, what your main goal is for the show and how much you are looking to spend. Based on this information they will be able to make recommendations on what type of trade show staff you should hire. If you have the time, and are looking to save a couple bucks, using Facebook, Instagram or Craigslist to find trade show talent is an alternative option.

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Types of Trade Show Models

There are 5 different types of trade show models.  These include: booth hostesses, brand ambassadors, booth babes, trade show presenters, and trade show temps.  Make sure you hire the correct type of trade show model for your event.

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How Do I Become A Trade Show Model?

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If you’re smart, energetic, outgoing and reliable you have potential to become a trade show model.  To get started, find a reputable trade show staffing agency in your area.  Almost every major city has a trade show modeling agency, and almost all of them allow you to sign up online.  If you’re new to the industry, be prepared to provide the agency with photos, a resume and physical stats.

Once you’ve signed up with a few agencies, the next step it to find trade show model jobs in your city.  How you find jobs depends on the agency.   Some agency’s let you search and apply for jobs online.   Others will send you emails with modeling opportunities and ask you to respond with your availability.   Regardless of how you apply, the final step is getting the job. Remember, in the trade show staffing industry you’re promoting your self first and foremost.   Be sure your profile is up to date; your photos reflect your current look and that you’ve reached out directly to the agency.   Forming a working relationship with your favorite staffing agency will insure you get the most trade show jobs.

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5 Steps to Find Trade Show Model Jobs

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Trade Show Models Salary

Working as a trade show model pays an annual salary between $35,000 – $55,000. It’s an easy industry to break into and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. Most models work as independent contractors, so benefits are limited, and you’re required to file your own taxes.

Trade Show Roles

Standard job roles for a trade show model include: conducting surveys, scanning badges, passing out flyers and learning basic information about a client. As a trade show model, you might also be asked to demo products, collect business cards and draw traffic into a booth.

Trade Show Hostesses

Trade show booth hostesses know what it takes to draw traffic into your booth, engage in conversation with show attendees, and create a great impression for your brand. This allows exhibitors to focus on relationship building and converting new leads into sales.

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