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What is a Product Demonstrator?

Trade show demonstrators will engage with guests at your booth by giving away samples, holding contests, or simply showing people how the product works. Product demonstrations require team members who have good customer service and sales skills to be successful. By hiring experienced talent to host your demonstrations they will effectively communicate your brand’s benefits to a wide range of attendees and help to create a lasting impression of your services. Discover local experienced talent through Vantage Trade Show Talent.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

“Vuli was excellent during IHS”
Vuli was excellent during IHS—she was able to learn the functionality and selling points of the product very quickly, demonstrate our cookers, and we loved having her around! We’ll definitely contact Vantage the next time we’re exhibiting in Chicago.
“The entire team was so impressed with her!”
Thank you very much! Ashley did a wonderful job. The entire team at the show was so impressed with her! I enjoyed booking through Vantage and will reach out next year before ProMat.
“She was both beautiful, intelligent and was the perfect person for helping our team.”
Brittany was pleasant, accommodating, and a joy to work with. She was both beautiful and intelligent, the perfect person for helping our team at the booth. We look forward to working with Brittany next time we need a product demonstrator in Chicago!
Booth Hostesses working at a convention center

Roles & Responsibilities of a Product Demonstrator

Product demonstrators are often hired by companies to introduce their new products to the market and to generate buzz around the product. The job responsibilities of a product demonstrator can vary depending on the industry and the product they are promoting. However, some of the most common job responsibilities include showcasing products, providing basic product information, and answering attendee questions.

The Benefits of Hiring a Product Demonstrator

product demonstrator attracting customers

Attracting Customers

Talent must be able to attract potential customers to their booth or area. This may involve using sales techniques, such as offering samples or demonstrations, to encourage people to come and learn more about the product.


Showcasing Products

The primary responsibility of a product demonstrator is to showcase the product they are promoting. This may involve explaining the product’s features, benefits, and how it works. Demonstrators must have a thorough understanding of the product they are promoting and be able to answer any questions potential customers may have.

Expo product demonstrator Cosmoprof North America

Providing Customer Service

Vantage Product demonstrators provide excellent customer service to potential customers. This may involve answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing information about the product..

Become A Product Demonstrator

If you’re smart, energetic, outgoing and reliable you have potential to become a product demonstrator.  To get started, find a reputable trade show staffing agency in your area.  Almost every major city has a trade show modeling agency, and almost all of them allow you to sign up online.  If you’re new to the industry, be prepared to provide the agency with photos, a resume and physical stats.