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Hire spokes models and girls to create a friendly booth environment that promotes education, inspiration, and revenue for your brand.

Spokes Girls – What Sets Them Apart

Spokes girls and spokes models have years of experience in the promotional modeling industry and are most commonly known for their ability to present company information to a large audience in an effective and professional manner.

Also known as EMCEEs, spokes models and spokes girls have a valuable set of skills that set them apart from standard promotional models, booth models, brand ambassadors, and trade show models. The most notable difference is that spokes girls have the ability to memorize and present a large amount of company material in front of a large audience without hesitation. Spokes models and spokes girls also have experience with using teleprompters and ear prompters. To hire a spokes model for your next event, start by filling out a quote request form.

How to Become a Spokes Model or Spokes Girl

If you are an experienced promotional model, trade show model, brand ambassadors, or booth hostess that is interested in becoming a spokes model or spokes girl, then you’re in the right place. Vantage Advertising is an event staffing agency that hires spokes models and spokes girls for events throughout the country.

Simply fill out a new model submission form to join our team. Already a member of our elite event staffing team? Then update your profile and read our trade show blog to increase your future booking chances.

Increasing Your Lead Generation with Spokes Models & Spokes Girls

When it comes to increasing lead generation with spokes models there are four questions you should ask yourself.

First, what equipment is necessary to make the spokes model successful? Second, how can you use the spokes model’s role at your trade show booth for marketing purposes after the trade show? Third, what level of experience does the spokes model need to have? Fourth, what attire will make him or her stand out and help them to attract more attention to your trade show booth? Once you have answered these questions, present the answers to a reliable event staffing agency and they will be able to help find your ideal spokes models. To learn more about answering these four questions, read our blog post: Spokes Models: How to Capitalize on Your Investment.

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Professional & Educated Spokes Models

Are you interested in hiring event staff to give a presentation or product demonstration in front of a large audience at your next trade show or promotion? Then spokes models are just what you’re looking for. Spokes models have experience with public speaking and representing brands in an in-depth manner, while also keeping the crowd energized and excited. To learn more about hiring spokes models through Vantage Advertising, please review our FAQs page.


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Hiring Spokes Models & Event Staff

At Vantage Advertising, we work hard to find the best event staff for the job. From spokes girls to product samplers, let us help your team increase trade show leads and sales by hiring the right event staff.

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