10 Benefits of Becoming a Promotional Model

Becoming a promotional model

10 Benefits of Becoming a Promotional Model

As the trade show & promotional industry continues to go more and more each year, it’s a great opportunity for promotional models to get involved. Whether you’re a model looking for extra work or just getting started, there are many advantages to becoming a promotional model. Here are 10 benefits of becoming a promotional model.

10 Reasons to Become a Promotional Model

1. Networking

Network, Network, Network!! Networking is a major part of trade shows and promotional events. Working as a promotional model gives you an opportunity to make connections, build relationships, make new friends, and secure future promotional jobs.

2. Learning Opportunities

Becoming a promotional model allows you to learn in-depth knowledge about industries and fields that you are interested and passionate about. They also allow you the opportunity to make connections and engage in intelligent conversations with experts and industry leaders in the field. Trade shows, in particular, have workshops, speakers, and other learning events which you can take advantage of during your lunch break or before or after your shift. When you become a promotional model, you can take advantage of these learning opportunities, better prepare yourself for future promotional modeling gigs and careers, and increase your intelligence and knowledge of the world.

3. Analyze Trade Show & Business Environments

One of the unique aspects about working as a promotional model is that you will experience a variety of different marketing strategies companies use to promote their brand, increase their trade show leads, and close sales. By becoming a promotional model, you have the opportunity to see these marketing strategies in action, work with them in a hands-on environment, and learn what works best for each company and industry. You can then use this information and these strategies to take your trade show marketing effort to the next level and impress clients.

4. Gain Business Experience

By becoming a promotional model you have the ability to gain high quality, diverse business experience. This occurs because, as a promotional model, you interact with clients and attendees that have a variety of backgrounds and are at various positions throughout the company. By interacting with such a diverse business audience you will have the ability to learn what goes into a professional and productive business conversation and how to market a brand in a way that best suits each attendee’s business needs. This business experience will help to prepare you for future careers in a thriving, busy, business environment.

5. Increases Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Along with increasing your knowledge about the inter-working of a business setting and environment, becoming a promotional model will greatly improve your interpersonal and communication skills. Promotional events and trade shows are a great way to increase your interpersonal and communication skills because the main role of a promotional model is to interact with potential clients, engage with them in intelligent conversation, collect their information for leads, and close sales. At every step of this process, promotional models must know how to communicate in an effective and efficient manner in order to provide the best ROI for their clients. Even working just one day at a promotional event or trade show will greatly improve your interpersonal and communication skills.

6. Travel Opportunities

Becoming a promotional model also allows models the opportunity to travel across the United States and even around the world for promotional jobs. Many full-time promotional models take advantage of the popularity and frequency of trade shows and promotions by gravitating to big cities that are considered trade show hubs while they also keep an eye out for nationwide promotional tours and events. Becoming a promotional model is an easy and fun way to make money and travel across the United States and around the world.

7. Unique Job Experience

Another benefit of becoming a promotional model is promotional modeling’s ability to provide a unique job experience to those models willing to step outside the box, work unique events, and have some fun! Promotional models work as costume characters, swimsuit models, spokes models, product demonstrators, product presentations, and so much more. By keeping your availability and your mind open, you will have the opportunity to work exciting, fun events that you may never have dreamed of!

8. It’s Fun

From working on a street team, to wearing a costume at a corporate event, becoming a promotional model is fun! No two promotional modeling jobs are the same, which helps to keep promotional models on their toes and constantly on the verge of excitement.

9. It’s Great Money

Perhaps one of the best aspects about becoming a promotional model is that promotional models are paid very well for their time. On average, promotional models make $25-$30/hour, but can make anywhere between $20-$100/hour! Who can pass on that kind of money?

10. Free Samples & SWAG

Finally, when working a promotional event, there is a high possibility that you will walk away from that event with some free samples/SWAG of your own. But, why is that? Many times, exhibitors travel a great distance to exhibit at a promotional event or trade show, and when it’s time to leave, they do not want to take home any extra samples or swag that they may have leftover. Most of the time, instead of throwing out these extra products and samples, exhibitors will give them to the promotional models that manned their booth. Pretty cool, right?

Becoming a promotional model is an exciting and unique experience and one that we highly recommend anyone with great communication and customer service experience to try out. For more information on how to become a promotional model with Vantage Advertising, create a promotional model profile or check out our blog post – How to Become a Promotional Model: The Do’s and Don’ts.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you jump-start your promotional modeling career today!