Hire Las Vegas Trade Show Models for IRE 2016

Las Vegas trade show models for hire for IRE 2016

You’ve planned, organized, and prepared for the International Roofing Expo (IRE) 2016– but you’re still worried that you don’t have enough team members to generate the leads and sales necessary to make exhibiting at the show worth it. You could fly another team member across the country and pay for travel, food, and hotel expenses… No. No. No. That’s out of the question and way outside the budget. So, what do you do?

The answer is simple: hire Las Vegas trade show models and promotional staff to assist your booth at the International Roofing Expo this year.

The Benefits of Hiring Las Vegas Trade Promotional Models for IRE 2016

Quality Lead Generation –

Las Vegas trade show models for hireLas Vegas trade show models and promotional girls have years of experience in the event staffing industry – so, they know just what it takes to fill your booth with quality trade show leads. These type of quality trade show leads are actually interested in buying your product and/or services and aren’t just there for the free promo items. By qualifying your leads, Las Vegas promo girls are saving your team from wasting their time and energy on trade show leads that don’t care about your product, while increasing your sales and revenue.

Local Talent – 

When you hire trade show models and booth girls for the International Roofing Expo this year you’re increasing your number of team members without breaking your budget! How? Because Las Vegas trade show models hired for the IRE are local to the area (and familiar with it) – so you don’t have to worry about paying additional money for travel, food, or lodging costs! Simply pay the talent for their time at the show and you’re good to go!

Technology Experience – 

Las Vegas promotional models also have experience working with iPads, iPhones, badge scanners, ear prompters, teleprompters, and more. They aren’t intimidated by technology and are willing to learn how to use and demonstrate your product in no time. So, whether you need to hire Las Vegas promo girls to assist your team in product demonstrations or lead generation purposes- they will rock every aspect of technology at your booth.

Las Vegas Trade Show Models Are Go-Getters –

Another benefit of hiring Las Vegas event staff for the International Roofing Expo is because they have outgoing and lively personalities. Las Vegas promotional models and trade show girls are not only friendly and attentive to attendees, but they aren’t afraid to put themselves in the middle of a crowd to sell your product and/or service to interested customers. How many of your Sales Representatives are willing to do the same?

Previous Trade Show Experience –

While this may seem like a no-brainer, finding team members that are willing to exhibit at your company’s trade show booth AND have experience exhibiting at the International Roofing Expo is hard to come by. But, because Las Vegas trade show models have years of experience working the IRE in the past, their skills and trade show knowledge will help to balance out the inexperience of your team members and help to get your brand noticed.

Types of Las Vegas Trade Show & Promotional Models Available for Hire for IRE 2016

Interested in hiring Las Vegas trade show models and booth girls for the International Roofing Expo 2016 – but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 5 different types of trade show and event models to consider hiring for your booth.

• Las Vegas Spokes Models

• Las Vegas Product Demonstrators

• Las Vegas Bilingual and Multilingual Models

• Las Vegas Brand Ambassadors or Badge Scanners

• Las Vegas Character Models or Celebrity look-a-likes

Getting Started

To hire experienced, professional, and reliable trade show models and event staff for your booth at the International Roofing Expo this year, start by filling out a quote request form. Once your form has been submitted, one of our dedicated Account Executives will contact you to learn more about the needs of your event and begin the booking process.

In a hurry? Give us a call at 1-866-514-9008. We look forward to helping you hire Las Vegas trade show models and event models that will make your booth at the IRE 2016 a success!