8 Tips for Recording Good Quality Video of Yourself.

Video Tips for Great Promo Model Video Blogs

Use video blogs to gain exposure in your promo modeling career.

If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably curious… What exactly is a promotional model video blogger?  If you want to get yourself noticed in the event modeling industry, these videos are a great tool to just that!  At Vantage Advertising we work with promo and trade show models who work as brand ambassadors for our clients.  If that’s you, keep reading, because we want to help you produce the best self-recorded videos!

Here are 8 tips to creating great promotional modeling video blogs:

This is my list of things you must do to get great results for your video blogs:

Standard Three-Point Lighting for Promo Videos1) Be sure the lighting is inviting! Please, no dark shadows or overly bright sun streams. If you can use 3-Point Lighting, that’s your best option.  All that basically means, is that you have 2 lamps in front you, and one behind you for background that will help eliminate shadows.  You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy lighting kit, you can use household lamps.

2) Be aware of your background. You don’t want a cluttered background or a sink full of dishes. We suggest you not use a blank white wall either. Choose your background carefully.

3) This is not a video of just your face. Take care in how close you sit to the camera. We’re not asking you to record an anti-aging advertisement, so we won’t need an extreme close-up of your face. We also suggest you set your camera at angle where you are naturally tilting your head slightly upwards. A double chin is not flattering, so please don’t look down!

Follow these tips for a more polished result in your video blog:

4) Take your time. We will edit out your bloopers. If you need record in small bits, please do it one sitting so the background is consistent. We will splice the pieces together to make you look your best. However, if you send us 2 hours of footage, that’s probably too much! Ten minutes should be plenty of time to get your thoughts out.

iPhone Arm for Promo Model Video BLogs5) Don’t hold your phone while recording video. This is not an action shot in a movie. Find a stable place to set your phone where it won’t get jostled around. Or better yet – spend $8 on a tripod or stand on Amazon. Lots of good options out there!

6) Don’t read a script. You may feel like you need to write it all out. If you do, that’s okay, but don’t be reading from a piece of paper. Record in short segments, review a few sentences… record that part. Pause your recording to review your next thought… record that part. And so on.

You are more than just a pretty face in these promotional model video blogs.

7) Look presentable. The idea of these video blogs is to help you get noticed! Consider this an interview for a future promotional modeling gig. Common sense, but you want to be your best self! Hair, make-up, clothing – it all matters. The only time you might skip the make-up is if you are sending us a video on your tips for applying make-up, which you may do on-camera.

8) How you speak matters. Use proper English and try to avoid slang. You can be sure, you ain’t going to get hired if you aren’t using proper language. Promotional modeling gigs, often require you to speak!  If you want to leverage these video blogs to help you get more modeling gigs – speak clearly, slowly and intelligently! Try not to say “Um” and “Uh.” You may not even be aware you are doing it!  Record yourself for 30 seconds to a minute and watch the playback. It will make you aware of how often you say those things without even realizing it!

Parting thoughts on your video blogs:

Relax and have fun with it!  Let your personality and confidence shine through. You are a rock star! Remember that.  Once you’ve submitted your video blog, be sure to set your model profile!  Your published video blogs will get added to your model profile page on our website.

Happy filming!