5 Aspects We LOVE About Exhibit City News (And You Should, Too)!

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5 Aspects We LOVE About Exhibit City News (And You Should, Too)!

If you’re involved in the trade show, meeting, or convention industry and looking for a comprehensive website for up-to-date trade show news then check out Exhibit City News. Exhibit City News is the only newspaper dedicated to the trade shows, conventions, and meetings is one of the most recognized websites in our industry. We stumbled across Exhibit City News’ website a few years ago and have been impressed with it ever since. And here’s why.

5 Aspects We LOVE About Exhibit City News (And You Should, Too)!

Please keep in mind that the features listed below are related to the characteristics of Exhibit City News’ website and online presence, not their printed publication.

1. Their Trade Show Calendar

Hire trade show modelsThis comprehensive list of upcoming trade shows and conventions is up-to-date, user friendly and, unlike other trade show calendars, it’s easy to read. The font size and color patterns used help to make sure each event stands out on its own. But, perhaps the best feature of Exhibit City News’ trade show calendar is that it’s sorted by region. Yes, I said it. Region! Looking for trade shows and events that are taking place in the Northwest this year? Done. Interested in exhibiting at a few boat shows in the Southeast? Done. Exhibit City News’ trade show calendar does all of the hard work for you.

2. Their Classifieds Section –

Like your average newspaper, Exhibit City News’ provides a classifieds section that is beneficial to those seeking a new challenge or career change in our industry. The classifieds section lists dozens of different career opportunities for a variety of different companies with simple directions on how to apply for each position. As of today’s publication date, Exhibit City News has 10 different career opportunities listed per page and over 8 pages of listings. So, no matter what your industry skills are, if you’re looking for new opportunity in trade shows, conventions, or meetings, keep an eye on Exhibit City News’ classifieds.

Want to work for Exhibit City News? They list their own career opportunities in the classifieds section of their website.

3. Their Service Guide

Looking for vendors to help provide your team with the tools necessary to pull off a successful trade show or promotional event? Then, you’re in luck. Exhibit City News has a section on their website that is dedicated to connecting exhibitors with industry vendors. From trade show lighting to trade show displays, Exhibit City News’ service guide will help your team find reliable vendors that have the Exhibit City News stamp of approval.

The only negative aspect of their service guide is that their list is incomplete. For example, Exhibit City News does not include industry suppliers such as event staffing companies in their service guide – so, instead be sure to keep Vantage Advertising in mind for your premium trade show and event staffing needs! (I know… shameless plug!)

Interested in advertising on Exhibit City News’ service guide? Call them at 702-309-8023.

4. Their Twitter Page –

Another reason we love Exhibit City News so much is because of their helpful and friendly Twitter page. Exhibit City News is not only active on their Twitter page, they’re informative. The content they share is interesting, unique, and beneficial to their followers (which they have over 2,000 of). Exhibit City News is also prompt at responding to Twitter messages and tweets blog link. They typically answer within 24hr, which is impressive for any company.

5. Their Rich History –

Finally, the last aspect that we love about Exhibit City News is their rich history. Exhibit City News was founded in 1994 by Donald Svehla in an effort to provide our industry with a news source (at the time, there weren’t any). Now, more than 20 years later, Exhibit City News has a national distribution of over 15,000 and is read by more than 37,500 industry professionals. Exhibit City News’ website is also nationally recognized and is considered one of the most visited websites in our industry.

As Exhibit City News continues to grow, it has no plans of slowing down. It plans to continue providing industry professionals with a reliable new source full of the most accurate, up-to-date trade show, convention, and meeting information as possible. We look forward to helping Exhibit City News continue to grow and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!