Event Marketing Opportunities

Event Marketing Opportunities

When I first started this job 10 years ago I thought Brand Ambassadors just handed out samples at Home & Garden Shows, I never realized the amazing opportunities that were ahead of me. This job has allowed me to travel, be on stage, meet celebrities, and so much more! I want all you models to have the same exciting opportunities I did, so let’s talk about some of your options!

Promotional Street Teams

  • This is the starting point for most of us!
  • Usual Pay: $16-$20
  • Wardrobe: Black pants or khaki pants and a t-shirt provided by the client.
  • Job Duties: Passing out flyers, samples, coupons, pens, etc. Fully represent brand.
  • Don’t: It may not feel like work, but don’t be constantly on your phone, chewing gum, or smoking while representing the brand.
  • Do: Know your talking points, show up on time, wear a smile and know your brand/product inside and out!


Team Lead

  • Once you prove yourself reliable you will be offered a lead position.
  • Usual Pay: About $2 more per hour than other models.
  • Wardrobe: Same as the other models.
  • Job Duties: Passing out flyers, samples, coupons, etc. Fully represent the brand. Handle final time cards.
  • Don’t: Act like you have all power and once weren’t in the shoes of the other promo models. Just because you’re a team leader doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard work!
  • Do: Lead by example and support your team.

Trade Show & Convention Modeling

  • Usual Pay: $20 – $35
  • Wardrobe: Will vary depending on the event & client; business professional, sexy cocktail dress, jeans and shirts provided by the client, etc.
  • Job Duties: Demoing a product or service, passing out samples, checking attendees into the event, and over-all customer service.
  • Don’t: Be on your phone, leave the booth or talk up a competing brand.
  • Do: Look your best, show up on time, know your brand, follow instruction, and wear a smile.


Event Management

  • Not to be confused with team lead. Management is much more involved.
  • Usual pay: Varies by job and can include ‘perks,’ like paid travel and accommodations
  • Wardrobe: Similar to trade shows, it will vary depending on the event & client; business professional, sexy cocktail dress, shirt provided by client, etc.
  • Job Duties: Manage Street teams, Trade shows, Conventions, Fashion Shoots; pretty much everything ‘event’ related.
  • By this time you know the do’s and don’ts.
  • You’re the diplomat and the boots on the ground. It can get overwhelming. Breathe, and don’t forget to be gracious.

There are some specialized jobs that are FUN, higher paying, and many include travel, but they also require special skill sets. It’s very important that any company hiring you knows ALL of your skills! Here is a list of key skills you can include on your resume: