Exhibitor Tips For Saving Money on Your Next Trade Show

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Exhibitor Tips For Saving Money on Your Next Trade Show

Exhibiting at a trade show can be very expensive (registration fees, promotional staffing, trade show displays, promotional items, promotional merchandise, travel, food, and lodging- to name a few). But, that doesn’t mean that small businesses and first time exhibitors should avoid exhibiting at trade shows because of the cost. In fact, there are a variety of ways exhibitors can save money & cut costs on trade shows.

Below, we’ve outlined some ways in which small businesses and first time exhibitors can save money on trade shows!

6 Exhibitor Tips for Saving Money at Trade Shows

Lighten the Load

By switching to lightweight materials or a minimalist design for your trade show booth, exhibitors can save money on shipping costs.

Offer to Speak at the Trade Show

Contact the trade show organizer and offer to give a free presentation in exchange for a discounted trade show booth. Not only will the presentation be a great way to promote your company, product, and/or service, but the discounted booth fee will help you to save money & cut costs on your trade show budget.

The Early Exhibitor Gets the Savings

Most trade show organizers offer discounts to exhibitors for registering early. In some cases, the longer you wait, the higher the prices go. Generally, you can save between 10 -20% off the listed booth fees just by being on top of things.

If you don’t see a discount offered in the trade show’s promotional material try contacting the trade show organizer and negotiating a discounted rate. Finally, be on the lookout for small perks such as free signage, advertising, and other great deals. By doing your homework and being proactive you can save money on your next trade show.

Save Money by Going Green

There are several of ways you can save money on trade shows and help out the environment at the same time. Check out our blog 6 Ways to Go Green at Trade Shows Going Green to find out how!

Exhibitors can also save money on travel costs by hiring local trade show models. For example, by hiring local Los Angeles trade show models to work the E3 Expo, you don’t have to pay for travel, food, or lodging cost like you would if you flew sales representatives to the show.

Exhibitors Can Save Money & Cut Trade Show Costs by Renting

Renting booths can save money on shipping, storage, and maintenance fees. Many of the rental companies even allow you to change your exhibit layout around for minimal fees.

Stick to the Budget

Budget cuts. You hear this said all the time in the news and trade shows are no different. It is important to organize a strict budget and cut the fat. Eliminating materials that are not a necessity helps save money.  Go over everything with a fine toothed comb and ask yourself, “Do we really need this?”