How to gain more exposure as a Vantage promo model.

How to gain exposure as a Vantage Model

Gain more exposure as a Vantage Promo Model.

At Vantage Advertising, we want to help you gain more exposure as a promotional model.  We’d love to showcase your work on our website and social media profiles! Here are a few things you can do to gain exposure as a Vantage promo model.

Send us good quality event photos.

Get in the habit of making sure you have a handful of great shots from every Take good quality event photostrade show or promotional modeling gig! These photos can be a great addition to your model profile… which you should update regularly. After each event, we showcase event photos on our website: These event photos link to the profiles of the models who worked. If you share great photos with us, we’ll share them with the world. Our clients who are looking for modeling talent in your city will see you in action!

We’ll also share these photos on our social media profiles… see more on that below.

Here’s a little friendly advice on event photos: As a model, we know you love to take selfies… As much as we want to see you in your branded trade-show gear, please don’t send a picture of you holding your smartphone while taking a selfie in the mirror. We also suggest you step out of the bathroom before taking that selfie… Yes, we’ve received photos with models looking absolutely stunning in their branded outfits… with bathroom stalls in the background. Before the start of your shift, take an extra moment to have your client or another booth staffer take your photo in the booth, with the logo or product in the background. Take a moment to stage the shot to give you, and the client, great exposure.

Your clients will appreciate the extra thought you put into your pictures, and so will we!

Join our social media communities!

If you’re not connected with us – join our social communities!  We’d love to hang with you on social media!

You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We love to post pictures of Vantage promo models! What we’d love, even more, is to be able to tag our models in our posts! Being tagged by any agency will help showcase your experience as a promotional model, and can potentially lead to future gigs with our clients!

Tag us!

Vantage Model ShoutoutWe would love nothing more than to get a shout-out on social media after every gig our models work! Most trade shows and major events have their own hashtag as well! When you work an event, find out what the hashtag is and use it on social media posting fun pictures of yourself (including your fabulous selfies)! Hashtag the event, and tag us on social media… we promise to share the love!

When you use event hashtags, that creates a post that will be there for the long term. If a client jumps on Twitter or LinkedIn to plan future events, they’ll probably search on those show hashtags, and your posts could very well be seen in the future by potential clients! The more you post the better!

Give your clients a shout out on social media!

Our clients hired you as a promotional model because they want to gain more exposure for their brand. They’ve invested in you, and the event. When you arrive for your first shift, ask the client if they’d be okay with you posting to social media about the trade show throughout the event. Let them know you’ll tag them in the posts! If they agree, set some expectations. This is not a free pass to have your phone out all day taking pictures, texting, etc.  Use good judgment. If you they have a VIP come to the booth, get a photo with them and share it on social media. Get a group shot of all the booth staff and you to share on social media. Take a photo or two of busy times in the booth when people are looking happy and excited to be there! Take product photos to share on social media… These are all ideas that you can bring to each event that will help you go the extra mile for the client, and will help you gain extra exposure!

When you post these, be sure tag us to us too!

We look forward to seeing you on social media!