5 Reasons to Hire Baltimore Festival Staff for Summer & Fall Promos

Baltimore event models working a promotion

5 Reasons to Hire Baltimore Festival Staff for Summer & Fall Promos

Similar to trade shows, festivals are a great opportunity to increase leads and build brand awareness because of the diversity of the audience members. But, in order to reach as many audience members as possible, it is important to have qualified festival staff. With the help of professional Baltimore festival staff your team is sure to make an impact at any Baltimore festival.

The following are some of the reasons your brand should hire Baltimore festival staff.

Hire Baltimore Festival Staff Because They…

Connect with New Customers

Baltimore festival staff will approach customers as they walk by your booth, enticing them to engage in conversation about your product or brand.

Reconnect with Past Customers

Baltimore festival staff are experienced in maintaining and reconnecting with past customers. And with only a little onsite training necessary, Baltimore festival staff will know just how to answer any question a past customer throws at them about your company, brand, product, or service.

Explain Your Brand and/or Product

With years of experience under their belt, Baltimore festival staff know exactly how to explain brand details in a way that makes sense to both new and old customers. So, whether your product has a multi-step set-up process or an interesting back story, Baltimore festival models will explain it in an interesting and unique way.

Direct Customers to Your Booth

Let’s face it; people love festivals. Because of this, there are usually hundreds of people- making it almost impossible to reach everyone, especially when you are static at your booth. Baltimore festival models help to combat this by walking around the venue directing customers to your booth. In doing do, Baltimore festival models are sure to double and triple your foot traffic.

Hand out Free Samples

Who doesn’t love free samples, especially at a festival! Baltimore festival staff are ideal for attracting customers with free samples and interacting with them until someone from your company can take over.