Hiring Brand Ambassadors Gets Your Brand Noticed

Miami brand ambassadors and trade show models

Hiring Brand Ambassadors Gets Your Brand Noticed

If you’re looking for reasons to incorporate brand ambassadors into your trade show or promotional event marketing strategy, then you’re in luck! The following blog outlines how hiring brand ambassadors increases booth traffic, lead generation and sales, and helps to increase ROI.

6 Ways Hiring Brand Ambassadors Attracts Attention to Your Brand

1. Social Media Integration:

Hiring brand ambassadors to walk around the trade show floor taking pictures and videos with attendees and then posting them on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook will encourage attendees to like and/or follow your page and create shareable content. For additional ways to incorporate social media into your next event please read: Using Social Media at Trade Shows.

2. Incorporating Multiple Marketing Strategies:

Hire brand ambassadors to run a contest, promotion, trade show game, or hand out promotional merchandise. By combining multiple marketing strategies together, your brand is more likely to attract a larger and more diverse audience.

3. Breaking the Language Barrier:

Another way hiring brand ambassadors attracts attention to your booth is through language. This is especially important when you are exhibiting at an international event. By hiring bilingual brand ambassadors that are fluent in languages other than English, your brand will be able to interact and earn the respect of more attendees.

4. Sex Appeal:

Whether you are trying to attract male or female attendees – hiring attractive brand ambassadors is an easy way to get people talking about your booth.

5. Experience Level & Professionalism:

Brand ambassadors that have experience in the event staffing industry and are familiar with the genre of the trade show are more likely to attract attention to you booth. Why? Because brand ambassadors that can engage in knowledgeable conversations with attendees help to keep attendees at your booth and build lasting relationships with your brand.

6. Outgoing Personalities:

Hiring brand ambassadors is like bringing the life of the party to your booth. Not only will they engage in bubbly conversations with attendees, but they will help to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun, encouraging even more attendees to stop by!