10 Golden Rules for Successful Trade Shows

Successful trade show tips

10 Golden Rules for Successful Trade Shows

Are you an exhibitor looking for trade show tips on how to be more successful at trade shows? There are countless things that exhibitors can do to increase their leads and leave the show with a positive ROI. However, there are some helpful trade show tips that every company must know before tackling their next exhibition. Here are our 10 Golden Trade Show Rules for trade show success every time!

1. Stand Out in the Crowd

It may sound like a cliché but standing out in the crowd figuratively and literally can result in more trade show leads and sales. Consumers respond well to soothing colors that attract their attention. Try creating an atmosphere at your booth by incorporating colors into your booth design and staff apparel that will appeal to your target audience and increase the chance of attendees flocking to your booth!

Don’t forget the booth location either. If your company has any control over its location on the trade show floor, then consider a spot near the entrance or exit. These locations get the most foot traffic, and consumers will automatically like your brand more due to mere exposure.

2. Be Assertive and Stand Up (Literally)

Confidence is key on the trade show floor. Make sure all your event staff are knowledgeable and assertive when dealing with potential clients. Event staff should command attention by standing up when in the booth space, so attendees know that they are ready to speak with them.

When trade show models and sales people are sitting down at a trade show booth, they seem unfriendly, unwelcoming, and unapproachable. Train or hire Los Angeles trade show models that outgoing, friendly, and accurately reflect your company image. Trade show models and event staff that are poised and welcoming to potential customers are more likely to attract attention to your trade show booth and increase your trade show leads.

3. Focus on a Target Market

The worst thing that a company can do at a trade show is arrive up not knowing who their target market is and what their clients are looking for in a brand or product. Without an identifiable target market, the trade show models you hire will not be able to efficiently scan and pick out your ideal clients from the crowd of potential customers.

If you specify your market, then you are more likely to increase leads and ROI at the trade show. You will effectively reach the consumers who are interested in what your company has to offer!

4. Know the FAQs

Having event staff that are experts in your products and brand is imperative for success at a trade show. Your booth staff should become experts in the products so they can relay information to attendees and answer any potential questions. And while it is not always possible for the entire staff to have extensive knowledge about your company, it is a good idea to familiarize them with the FAQs you hear most often and appropriate and correct responses to those questions.

Attendees will value and trust a staff that is knowledgeable about the products!

5. Show Off Your Best Feature

Is your product an innovative new idea? Does your company offer a service unparalleled by your competitors? What is it about your company that is going to stand out to consumers? Once you find your best feature then you have to really sell it! Show people know why they should be interested in what your company has to offer.

6. Persuade Your Audience

Persuasion plays a huge role at a trade show because attendees need to be persuaded to come into your booth, to learn more about your brand, and most importantly to buy your product!

A great way to ensure your booth staff will be effective persuaders is by giving them an arsenal of information about the company and brand. Such information could be statistics, product specs, newest features, and so on. These positive and exciting facts are the first step to persuading your audience to inquire further about your product, and be converted into clients!

7. Perfect Your Sales Process

Your sales team should be a well-oiled machine. They are responsible for producing a positive ROI after acquiring a large number of leads at every trade show. If this is not happening for your company, then you should consider perfecting your sales process.

Train your staff to be professionals starting with the initial conversation with consumers and ending with a firm closing sale inquiry. A well-trained sales team will produce better results at trade shows and represent your company positively.

8. Move Outside Your Booth

Rather than stand stagnantly around your booth space, have some staff members go into the crowd around your area and draw in attendees. This is a proactive way to encourage consumers to learn more about your products. It is also a technique for reaching those attendees who come to the show with a set list of booths in mind, because even if you are not on their list, you can persuade them to see what you have to offer!

9.Tell Consumers What They Want

Anyone studying consumer behavior will agree with Steve Jobs who argued that consumers don’t really know what they want. Which means that you have to tell them! Be specific, be direct, and be interesting!

10. Follow-Up Immediately

A lot of times the difference between getting a sale or not has to do with the company’s follow-up policy. Does your company send generic emails? Or do you really connect to your audience and give them valuable information? Many companies do not customize their follow-ups, which means consumers are receiving information they are not interested in.

Instead, categorize your leads based on the type of information the potential client will value receiving. Conduct follow-ups quickly, whether your company uses email, phone calls, or snail mail, don’t give the customers the time to forget about your brand and products! Sales happen when the company and products are fresh in the consumer’s mind.

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Catch your audience’s attention and tell them exactly why your product is something that they have to have.