Hire Trade Show Models for RSA Conference 2016

RSA Conference Logo 2016

Are you exhibiting at RSA Conference 2016? If you’re involved in the IT industry, then you should be! RSA Conference 2016 is one of the world’s leading conferences on information security which means that anybody, who’s anybody in the IT Industry will be looking to do business at this conference. But, how can you stand out at the RSA Conference? What can your brand do to make an impression and impress your target audience?  It’s simple; hire San Francisco trade show models to assist your team at your booth.

Worried that you can’t hire RSA Conference models because they were banned last year? That’s actually not true. Read our article RSA Conference Bans Booth Babes NOT Trade Show Models and learn what RSA Conference actually banned last year.

Hire San Francisco Trade Show Models for RSA Conference 2016

Hiring RSA Conference models gives your team the opportunity to:

• Learn– By hiring San Francisco trade show models to man the booth and collect leads, your team can attend any of RSA Conference’s 220 plus sessions without leaving your booth empty.

• Build Relationships– RSA trade show models help your brand to build relationships by qualifying trade show leads. This saves you time and allows your team to spend time networking with the most important information security professionals in your field.

• Close Sales– By hiring RSA trade show models it allows more time for your team to close sales on the trade show floor.

• And so much more!

Hire San Francisco Trade Show Models to:

• Attract attention to your booth with their experience level and professionalism

• Increase brand awareness

• Create a positive and warm first impression

• Collect and qualify trade show leads

• Engage with attendees until a member of your sales team is ready to take over

• And so much more!

What better way to network, generate leads, and collaborate with industry leaders than with the assistance of an experienced and beautiful San Francisco trade show model? Conference models hired through Vantage Advertising have years of experience in the trade show industry and have worked RSA Conference in the past, so they know just what it takes to effectively talk about your brand and the IT industry. Contact us to hire trade show models today!