Trade Show Staffing – 10 Things You Should Know

two trade show staffers at a booth

Trade Show Staffing – What You Should Know

When planning these huge conventions or trade shows things get lost in the cracks. Here are my top ten things you should know before hiring your trade show staff.

1) You should know what a one sheet is

I don’t see this nearly enough!!!! A simple one page document highlighting the exact job responsibilities of every worker. This can include; product knowledge, talking points, do’s, don’ts, how to’s, and any other relevant information. (This is NOT a training manual or scripts).

2) Know what your staffing company specializes in

You should look into what staffing companies to use. There are those that specialize in certain things that might be important to you; for example, EMCEE, food service, trade-shows, street-teams, mascot, labor, music… the list goes on.

3) Know your budget

If you are looking for Marilyn, on a Honey Boo Boo budget? There will have to be some adjustments. If you are looking for a gaggle, on a couple kind of budget. There will have to be some adjustments. My suggestion is ALWAYS quality over quantity.

4) Know who you hire

I suggest you have a hand in the hiring. It’s smart to listen to the booking agents. They know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. However, you should have the final say on who is booked.

***When a certain look or personality is important, a Skype interview can be a HUGE help***

5) Know your wardrobe requirements before hand

Do you want a well tailored hostess, or an approachable promo model?  Are you going to provide or require uniforms? Uniform requests are commonly: a white tailored shirt or branded shirt, black skirts/pants/shorts, and nice black shoes. It helps to have a uniformed look at a show/event. It makes it easy for people to recognize who is there to answer their questions.

6) Know what type of staff your looking for

Sales staff is something special. Do not settle for just a pretty guy or gal. It’s a skill that very few people have. I suggest you look for someone with experience and GREAT reviews.

7) Know your concept for the show

What is your vision? Do you see a 20X20 booth with Marilyn Monroe at every corner? Do you see an outdoor event with an EMCEE and balloon artist? What exactly do you need to make your vision a reality.

8) Know how your going to keep track of leads

A lead retrieval device is used for capturing contact information at trade shows and conventions. This can be a very handy tool for you and your staff to be able to keep record of anyone who stopped by for information.

***I recommend Lead Retrieval to absolutely everyone on the trades-show floor***

9) Know if your going to pay bonuses or not

I believe this is the best way to keep a team engaged. The structure of the bonus doesn’t matter much, but the result will be the same. Your staff will work harder.

10) Know when to relax

The people who produce the show or run the facilities work extremely hard. They want you happy and will do everything in their power to help you have a successful event. However, there is a limit to what they can fix or accomplish before a show begins. Be patient and be gracious… it will all turn out fine.