Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2013

Trade Show Marketing Trends

Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2013

As we reach the heart of trade show season, exhibitors are still seeking ways to get attendees to their booth, keep them interested, and make the most out of their trade show. To help out, we’ve complied a list of the hottest trade show trends of 2013. These are not just passing fads, but instead trade show trends that are being used by exhibitors to generate more traffic, trade show leads, and sales.

What do you think the hottest trade show trends will be for 2013?

Hottest Trade Show Trends of 2013

Going Green!

Being environmentally conscious is not only the right thing to do, but also makes your booth look more appealing, and can help you cut back on costs. Here are some of the latest trade show trends for going green at your next event:

a. Reduce printing costs by switching to digital content.

b. Reuse pens, signage, promotional merchandise, and trade show table throws by using them at multiple trade shows.

c. Recycle: Any paper, plastic, and aluminum products your team uses at the booth.

By following these simple steps, you will keep your booth looking clean and your company looking environmentally conscious.

For more information on going green, check out our blog: 5 Ways to Go Green at Trade Shows.

Using Social Media to Increase Booth Traffic

Social media usage is quickly becoming a popular trade show trend of 2013 as exhibitors find more and more innovative ways to use social networks to their advantage. Here are some current social media trade show trends for 2013.

1. Facebook- Create Facebook contests and promotions that are specific to your trade show to help encourage attendee traffic and participation at your booth.

2. Twitter-  Create a hashtag contest that is specific to your trade show booth. Encourage attendees to get involved in the hashtag contest by offering a prize.

3. YouTube- Record and upload interesting or funny videos of your trade show booth. This will entice attendees to stop and join in on the fun!

Need more? Here are other ways to use social media at trade shows.

Interactive Booth Displays

When it comes to attracting attendees to your trade show booth, an attractive booth display is a must! The current trade show trend for booth displays is an interactive design that peeks the interest of trade show attendees and attracts more attention to your booth.

**Disclaimer- While using giant interactive displays can help increase booth traffic, make sure your booth display does not distract attendees from your sales representatives.

Trade Shows Enter the Matrix of Virtual Reality

A virtual trade show has a video-game like design that connects attendees with exhibitors across globe through the use of the internet. By using online avatars that interact in real-time (instant messaging or video chat), interactive displays, recorded speeches, and much more, virtual trade shows allow attendees and exhibitors to get the trade show experience without leaving work or home!

Virtual trade shows enable exhibitors to:

1. More effectively collect and organize leads

2. Produce great results with tight budgets

3. Have unlimited creative freedom

4. Reach an untapped & global market

5. Reach tech-savvy customers

6. And much more!

For more information on participating in virtual trade shows be sure to contact ON24.

Attack of the Green Men- Hiring Costume Models to Attract Attendees

Last but not least, a recent trade show trend of 2013 is hiring costume models to attract attendees to your booth. The Green Man (originally popularized in the TV show: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) is a character that has taken the trade show world by storm. To learn more how a costume model can benefit your next trade show, contact us today.