Short Models: How to Become a Model if You’re Short


Short Models: How to Become a Model if You’re Short

After working at a modeling agency for a few years, I’m used to hearing questions like: “Can you become a model if you are short?” And, my petite friends, the answer is: Yes, of course! Even in competitive markets like Los Angeles, our clients frequently hire LA promo girls under 5’5″.   But, if you want to become a model and you’re short, it takes some creativity and motivation.

How to Become a Model if You Are Short

Below we’ve listed tips and advice on how to become a model if you’re short. Remember, your modeling portfolio is the most important aspect of your career. If you want to book more jobs, you’ll need a portfolio full of photos that will WOW the agencies.

• Be Smart About Your Photo-Shoots:

Keep in mind that the scenery and other models can dwarf you in photos. Be conscious of the location of your photo-shoot and make sure fellow models are within your height range.

• It’s about the camera angles:

To enhance your portfolio and really WOW a modeling agency, be smart about the camera angles you are using. Discourage the photographer from birds-eye view photos and instead focus on camera angles that point upwards or are level with you.

• Know your body’s strengths:

You can elongate your body by positioning it in ways that highlight your strengths and hide your body flaws. Here’s an article on how to make the most out of your petite body. By learning how to make yourself look longer in photos, you have the potential to book more jobs

• Rock your clothing:

As you know, the modeling industry is all about image. In order to get the job- your image has to be just right. This is important for both your portfolio and castings calls. For short models, it’s important to wear clothing that lengthens your body. High waist pants and vertical stripes can work wonders on your height. And, don’t forget to style your hair high & wear long accessories. Finally, stretching everyday can help to elongate your muscles.

When it comes to booking jobs, short models have to get creative and try things outside of their comfort zone. Below we’ve listed more tips on how to become a model if you are short that are directly related to getting modeling jobs.

• Short models needed for low paying events:

Let’s face it. If you don’t have any modeling experience, agencies are less likely to book you. So, if you want to know how to become a model if you’re short, the answer is to suck up your pride and work for lowing paying jobs or volunteer to work for free. This experience will allow you to network with agencies, clients, and other models in the industry, helping you to get your foot in the door.

• Think outside the box:

Look into face modeling, foot modeling, hand modeling, trade show and promotional modeling, and commercials. Agencies that are hire models for these types of jobs are less picky about the heights of the models they hire.

• Work in Smaller Markets:

This is especially important for short models because the sooner you admit that you aren’t going to be walking down the runway as a high fashion model in NYC, the better. Smaller market areas tend to hire models that are outside of industry standards, a goldmine for short models.

• Be Persistent:

Stay in constant contact with the agencies you submit your portfolio to. Call and email them to check on your submission and see if there is anything else they need from you. Building a positive relationship with a modeling agency tends to lead to more modeling jobs.

• Be Confident:

In order to become a model when you’re short, it’s important to be confident in photo-shoots as well as casting calls. Distract agencies from your height by impressing them with your confidence. The more confidence you show the more likely you are to get hired for modeling jobs.

Now that we’ve provided you with the secrets on how to become a model if you’re short, go out there and get started by signing up to become a promotional model! Don’t be afraid to try something new.