How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Trade Show Model?

Today, I have two options. I can sit here and write another blog post about hiring brand ambassadors and how they can impact your trade show booth or I can write something that every exhibitor wants to know the answer to: How much does it cost to hire a trade show model?

In an ideal world we could respond with a simple answer and a simple price, but considering the world isn’t black and white – this response isn’t going to be simple. Now, before you go running off into the distance looking for another event staffing company, hear me out.

Why Giving an Arbitrary Cost for Trade Show Models is Not a Good Idea

1. There are a wide variety of different types of promotional models, all of whom have very diverse experience levels and responsibilities. You wouldn’t pay the CEO the same as an entry level position, would you? The same goes for trade show models.

2. No two events are the same. Given that factor, we cannot assume that different exhibitors expect similar responsibilities from their promotional models at the same trade show. Different job responsibilities require different rates.

3. Location is everything. Los Angeles trade show show models, New York City trade show models, Las Vegas promotional models, and Chicago promotional models are the top trade show models in the country. Because of this, trade show models in these cities can and will command a higher rate of pay.

4. Other important factors that can skew the rates of experienced trade show models are: holidays, day of the week, time of day and the popularity of the show.


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That, my eager exhibitors, is why it is not easy to give a generic flat rate for how much it costs to hire a trade show model. We can, however, provide exhibitors with:

  • A projected cost daily range based on the type of trade show model
  • His or her required experience level
  • Other outside factors

With these three characteristics- we can accurately ESTIMATE the total cost. But, unfortunately, we cannot give EXACT pricing until all of these factors are squared away.

For the sake of answering the big question at hand, and for those of you that just won’t take no for an answer- I’ve listed the estimated the daily rates for a variety of trade show booth model types below.  In specific markets like Los Angeles, you can anticipate paying slightly higher rates when you hire a trade show modelPlease keep in mind that these numbers are subject to change, based on an 8 hour day, individual model experience, event responsibilities, outside factors, and more. 

On average, hiring trade show models, promotional models, or booth models will cost roughly $280-$500/per day. Demonstrators cost about $440-$600/per day. Spokesmodels cost about $500-$1000/per day. While street teams cost about $250-$400/per day and costume models cost about $250-$500/per day.

Trade Show Model Pricing Guide


  • 8 Hours

Booth Model

  • 8 Hours


  • 8 Hours


  • 8 Hours

Half Day Rates & Discounts

If you’re still not satisfied with the rates, keep in mind that, unlike other agencies, we do not lock clients into a full 8-hour day. In fact, we provide exhibitors with the option to hire promotional hostesses for a 5-hour block. This is especially convenient for street team promotions, evening promotions, holiday parties, and trade shows that have half days.

BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER! We also provide exhibitors with a variety of discounts depending on the size of the event, the frequency of the event, and budget. For more information on trade show model pricing for your upcoming promotions give us a call at 1-866-514-9008. And, don’t forget to ask about our flexible pricing!

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