5 Ways to Host Amazing Trade Show Product Demonstrations

Trade show demonstration floor

5 Ways to Host Amazing Trade Show Product Demonstrations

While hiring event staff to pass out product information is a great way to increase brand awareness, it does not always lead to direct sales. Trade show product demonstrations, on the other hand, are known for their fun and exciting atmospheres, high attendee interest, and high conversion rates.

Not sure if hosting a trade show product demonstration is right for your booth? Keep in mind that trade show product demonstrations are popular in every industry! For example, product demonstrations are a frequently used at IMTS, CES, SEMA, Natural Products Expo West, SuperZoo, Magic Show, and the list goes on!

But, before you can host an amazing product demonstration, you must first lay down the groundwork. First: understand your audience, determine how you’re presenting your product, test product features, and practice, practice, practice.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s get to the good stuff!

5 Ways to Host the Best Trade Show Product Demonstrations

1. Tell a Captivating Story –

Your product may be the best of its kind in the industry. But, without effectively portraying this to your audience in a way that matters to them, your product isn’t going anywhere. To showcase the importance of your product, create a compelling and authentic story that centers on the problems
of your ideal audience. Then, use the product demonstration to show how your product is the best solution to those problems.

2. Inspire & Excite Attendees –

Inspire and excite attendees by wowing them with unique product features that set your brand apart and insider tricks and tips for using your product. You can also inspire and excite attendees by using your trade show product demonstration as a time for attendees to ask questions and engage in a conversation with your team about your product. Finally, excite and inspire attendees by allowing them to experience your product firsthand!

3. Be Interactive –

Don’t just stand in front of your audience lecturing them about your product; instead, encourage them to try it out for themselves! Invite attendees on stage to test out your product and its features over and over again. This will allow attendees to get involved in your demonstration and have a hands on experience with your product. Ultimately, this interactivity will instill trust in your brand because attendees that use your product firsthand will know that it actually works! The more attendees that trust your brand, the more products you will sell. So, allow as many attendees to test out your product as possible!

4. Hire Experienced Product Demonstrators to Put on the Show – 

If this is your first time hosting a trade show product demonstration, then consider hiring an experienced product demonstrator to run it. Product demonstrators have years of experience running demonstrations, aren’t afraid to be the center of attention, and know how to excite attendees and encourage them to ask questions. They also have the skills necessary to constantly keep the demonstration moving forward, even during a question and answer session. Hiring a product demonstrator also keeps your sales team focused on building relationships, collecting leads, and closing sales instead of worrying about the demonstration.

5. Have Fun –

Finally, no matter how long your product demonstration is, make sure your audience and team members are having fun the whole time! Encourage your team members to make jokes about themselves, your product, brand, and/or the industry. By surrounding your product demonstration with a warm, fun, and humorous environment, attendees are more likely to stick around and more attendees are likely to join mid-demonstration.

For the best and most effective trade show product demonstrations, be sure to incorporate these tips as you organize and plan your marketing strategy for your upcoming trade shows.  What other tips do you have for creating an awesome product demonstration?