5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand at Summer Promotions

Promo girls working at a summer promotion

5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand at Summer Promotions

We did it! We finally made it to summer! It’s time for long, lazy sunny days, swimming in the pool, and exhibiting at outdoor summer promotions.

Outdoor summer promotions are my favorite type of promotional event because the diversity of the audience is so vast. Exhibiting at outdoor summer festivals allows your brand to to get discovered and build relationships with all types of people, from all walks of life. But, with hundreds of other booths to compete with at each summer promotion, making your brand stand out is the tricky part!

Tips for Promoting Your Brand at Outdoor Summer Events

Be Conscious of Your Audience –

Just because there are a variety of people at each summer promotion, does not mean that each person is the right customer for your brand. Before choosing your event marketing strategy, take a moment to consider who your audience is and what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you a health insurance company that is interested in talking to middle aged men and women? Or, are you a homemade jewelry store that is trying to attract the interest and attention of young women? No matter what your booth is promoting, take the time to focus on your target audience and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Develop a Unique Marketing Plan –

Outdoor summer festivals are full of excited people whose senses are on overload. So, in order to for your event staffing team to attract attention to your brand, you’ll need to create a unique marketing plan that inspires, excites, and entertains your customers. Ask yourself, what makes your brand stand out? Why are you passionate about your brand? Then, develop a unique marketing plan that visually shares those answers and passions with your target audience.

Perform a Publicity Stunt –

Performing a publicity stunt is another way to expose your brand to thousands of attendees at an outdoor summer promotion. Some unique ideas for publicity stunts are: a flash mob, attempting to beat a world record, having a sense of humor about your brand, or creating newsworthy stories that the journalists and photographers can document.

Plan for the Weather –

Instead of hoping for the best, plan for the worst. Organize your booth in such a way that if a flash thunderstorm hits your most valuable information, the products are protected. Make sure that your tent has plastic walls that surround it and make sure your promotional team has a plan in place and everyone understands their event roles if the weather goes sour.

Hire Street Teams –

Finally, another easy way to promote your brand at an outdoor summer promotion is to hire a street team to hand out promotional items and flyers promoting your brand. By promoting your brand in this way, your team will be able to reach an even larger and more diverse audience, increasing your brand awareness, and attracting attention to your brand.

Street team tips:To ensure that your products are not thrown away, hand out items that your audience will find useful, such as beer sleeves or ponchos in case it rains. Or hand out flyers that encourage them to enter a contest to win a prize. For more tips on street teams be sure to read this article: Street Team Marketing Tactics: 7 Biggest Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.

And there you have it, 5 tips for marketing your brand at outdoor summer festivals this year. What other ways will you market your brand this year as summer festivals?

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