Beer Girls: Day Versus Evening Promotions

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Beer Girls: Day Versus Evening Promotions

Imagine that you are at the bar with your friends a stunning woman approaches you. She asks you how you are doing and then offers you a free drink, and free t-shirt. You may ask yourself: Is this a dream? Nope! You have just been approached by a beer girl.

If you are a beer company, using beer girls to promote your drink is a home-run. However, there is one thing that you need to consider when hiring beer girls, and that’s what time of the day you’ll be promoting. To help you decide which promotion is right for you, we’ve created a pros and cons list. Let’s get started!

Beer Girl Daytime Pros

Daytime Sporting Events

There are many sporting events that take place during the day that get men out to the bar. Some of the best NFL games take place during Sunday afternoon where passionate and loyal fans go to their local bar to root for their team.

Tip: There are events held during the day that draw a bigger audience than at night. Stay up to date with local and national events to take advantage!

Outdoor Events

As the warm summer months approach, there is nothing better than being outside with a beer in hand, or attending an outdoor festival in your home town. For example, imagine how successful your promotion could be by hiring local Atlanta beer girls to walk around a festival with your promotional material in hand.

Tip: There are locations that are better to promote at during the day (Ex. Beach, Festival, Park, etc.). Make sure your promotion fits in with the setting and is conscious of the weather.

Beer Girl Daytime Cons

Daytime Drinking Isn’t That Common

If there is not a popular sporting event taking place or a festival going on, daytime drinking is typically minimal and bars are sparsely populated. Since the goal of a promotion is to reach as many people as possible, beer girl daytime promotions that are not timed effectively will do poorly.

Average Crowds Age

During the day, most bars double as a restaurant, where families may be eating. A family of four with a baby in tow may not be into a scantily clad beer girl offering them shiny beads or free samples.

Tip: Make sure to do your research. If you are promoting your beer at a restaurant during the day, make sure the beer girls are dressed appropriately and that they’re not giving alcohol branded freebies to children.

Beer Girl Nighttime Pros

Beer Girls + Evening Promotions = Success

Employing Beer Girls at night is a no brainer. People go to the bar (on average) at around 9 so using beer girls can be a great way to get the party started. Beer girls use the art of seduction to charm male customers and persuade them to buy their products.

Tip: Make sure to schedule your promotion at peak hours of bar attendance.

Bar Crawls

Several times a year, different groups organize bar crawls that have several people going from bar to bar, having a drink at each, and staying out late. Beer promotions fit perfectly into these events because beer girls can easily move from bar to bar meeting hundreds of people and promoting your product.

Tip: Including your product officially or unofficially with a bar event or holiday can make your product more appealing to customers.

Beer Girl Nighttime Cons

Overly Intoxicated Bar Partons

The main deterrents for nighttime promotions are sleazy bar patrons. Sometimes, a bar patron will become overindulged in alcohol and do something to make the beer girls uncomfortable causing them to leave the promotion early- or miss out on interacting and communicating with other patrons.

Tip: To avoid these situations and protect your event staff, hire a beer guy to promote your product with the beer girls. This will help to keep the beer girls feeling safe and working at their best!

The next time you want to promote your adult-beverage, place yourself in the shoes of your customers. Would they rather have someone approach them who look like John Goodman or someone like Meghan Fox? Who would you rather have representing your product? We think the choice is obvious. To hire a beer girl for your next promotion, contact us.