The Beverage Cart Girl Experience- Staffing For Corporate Events

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The Beverage Cart Girl Experience- Staffing For Corporate Events

It’s a beautiful, but hot, summer day. You’re playing golf on a gorgeous, green field with two co-workers and a client you‘re trying to win over. You step up to the tee, get your footing right, make eye contact with your target, and swing.

The golf ball flies beautifully through the air and begins to descend, making its way to the fairway. Suddenly, you hear someone yell out ‘FOUR!’

BAM! A golf cart appears out of nowhere sending your golf ball into the abyss of a hazard.  Just as you’re about to lose control, you realize it’s the beverage cart girl and your thoughts immediately turn to beer.

As the beverage cart girl drives towards you, your taste buds yearn for the smooth beer that will soon be satisfying your thirst. The beer girl is your goddess- saving you from boring business stories and sweltering heat. Everything about the beer girl is simply beautiful. She has no flaws. The more you yearn for the beer, the slower she seems to move. Finally, she makes her way to your group and hands everyone an ice cold beer. As you take your first sip, all of your stresses melt away with the heat as you reach a level of inner peace.

After the beverage model is done handing out beers, she engages in light conversation, passes out your company’s promotional merchandise and gets everyone talking about it. By the end of the conversation, you’re shaking hands with your client and discussing your business deal.

Then, the beverage cart girl starts to leave. As she makes her way to the golf cart, she turns to your group, and wishes you, and you alone (you knew she had her eye on you!) “Good luck.”

As the beverage cart girl and her satisfying beer disappear into the horizon, reality begins to sink in as you realize your golf ball is in the worst location possible for you to get a respectable score.

Well, at least the beverage cart girl brought you your beer…

Beverage cart girls are not only a welcome sight to golfers, but they are also a great way to get clients talking about your brand. For more information on how you can hire a beverage cart girl for your next corporate event or golf tournament, contact us!