Street Team Marketing Tactics – 7 Biggest Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Street Team Marketing Tactics – 7 Biggest Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Street team marketing is a great way to introduce your company to a larger and more diverse audience, while also maintaining your brand image. But, in order for street team marketing to produce the ROI your company is seeking, it has to be well-planned. Below are the 7 biggest street team marketing tactic mistakes and how to avoid them.

Street Team Marketing Tactics- How to Avoid Outdoor Promotion Pitfalls

 #1. Not Getting the Proper Permission or Permits:

When it comes to street team marketing, one of the biggest mistakes event planners make is not getting the permission they need to promote in a particular area. This is especially true when it comes to conventions, conferences, and expos. Just because your street team marketing campaign is on the sidewalk, DOES NOT mean that they can promote there. We’ve seen more than one street team kicked off the premises for not getting the proper approval. For more information on locations that need permits please check out this website.

#2. Not Integrating Social Media:

Social media should be a major part of any street team marketing campaign, no matter what. The best way to integrate social media into your street team is by enticing your target audience with contests and promotions that they can easily enter on their mobile phone.

• Street Team Marketing Tip: One of the most successful street team social media campaigns we’ve seen is one that encourages audience members to take pictures of the street team & then share them online for a chance to win a prize. By encouraging your audience to share the photos, your brand has the potential to reach hundreds of online viewers.

#3. Not Building the Right Management Hierarchy:

For large promotional events, it is important to have the proper management structure in place. DO NOT leave one company representative or manager in charge of dozens of team members and promotional models. Instead, hire experienced promotional models to act as team leads and managers.

• Street Team Marketing Tip: When it comes to building an event hierarchy, it is important to make sure that everyone, including all team members, team leads, managers, and promotional models are properly trained. Nothing ruins a street team marketing campaign like lack of training. Make sure everyone understands your brand and their role during the promotion.

#4. Not Quantifying Your Success:

Whether you are interested in lead generation, blog subscriptions, social media follows, or contest submissions make sure you have a way to measure and track the success of your street team marketing campaign.

#5. Not Hiring a Team of Experienced Promotional Models:

When we say team, a team is what we mean. Hiring one promotional model and sticking him or her on a street corner looks unprofessional and will result in almost no ROI for your company. Instead, anticipate the size of the crowd you are trying to reach and hire a group of street team members to work together, attract attention, and generate tons of leads for your brand.

• Street Team Marketing Tip: Be sure to coordinate the attire. Matching and branded attire creates a professional atmosphere, attracts attention, and showcases your purpose for promoting.

#6. Not Factoring in High Traffic Times:

After selecting the ideal location for your street team campaign it is important to determine the ideal times. Are you targeting businessmen and women who are going to and from work between 7am-9pm and 4pm-6pm? Or, are you targeting a younger crowd that is more active in the evening?

#7. Not Taking the Weatherman Seriously:

There is nothing quite like the weather to ruin your well-planned promotion. Instead of hoping for the best, plan for the worst. Make sure your street team promotion has a back-up plan for the weather. Does your promotion have a tent? Can the promotion be moved inside if the weather gets torrential?