4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Booth Staffing

trade show booth models working at a convention

4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Booth Staffing

When it comes to event staffing, every event planner knows that hiring booth staff will draw a crowd, increase lead generation, and increase ROI. However, before your team hires booth staff, there are 4 factors you team should take into consideration.

Booth Staffing: Staffing Your Event

Quality of Talent-

In order to create the highest ROI for your company, it is important to hire quality booth staff and promotional models that will not only represent your company in the best light possible, but who will also generate leads and create sales for your team. Therefore, when hiring booth staff, be sure to relay your event goals and needs to the event staffing agency and they will recommend quality booth staff for your event.


When preparing for a promotional event, it is important to create a management structure and then relay that information to your booth staff. Make sure that each booth staffer knows who to turn to in case of an emergency, who will send them on their break, and who to refer attendees to for further information on the brand. Organized communication is key to successful event.


Booth staff should be interacting and greeting audience members from the beginning of the event until the very end. Therefore, it is important to organize an effective scheduling system that takes every booth model into account. After as schedule has been created, be sure to provide this information to each event model so he or she knows exactly when they can expect to be sent on break.

On- Site Training-

Finally, when preparing for an event it is important to make sure your booth staff is fully trained. Everyone that is representing your brand should be able to answer basic to intermediate questions about your company. Therefore, it is important to set aside the proper amount of time to train each booth staffer before the event. If you don’t have enough time to train the booth staff on-site then at the very least, be sure to provide each of them with information prior to the event about the product and/or brand they are representing.