Event Planning Tips: 5 Reasons to Read Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog

Event Planning Tips: 5 Reasons to Read Event Manager Blog

When it comes to event planning, there’s nothing quite like the moment when you discover that final piece that causes your event to fall neatly into place. But, how can you experience that eureka moment? What information is out there that will educate and inspire you?While Facebook groups, Google Communities, and Twitter chats are a great place to start, their information cannot always give us the in-depth information we are looking for. So, who can event planners and trade show exhibitors turn to for event planning tips? The answer is simple: Event Manager Blog. Founded in 2007 by Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog is a goldmine of information for event planners and trade show exhibitors. And here’s why…

Event Planning Tips: 5 Reasons You Should Follow Event Manager Blog


Event Manager Blog is ideal for event planners and trade show exhibitors because it takes the time to produce high quality content that event planners and exhibitors can actually learn from. Not only will Event Manager Blog teach you their event planning tips and tricks for the trade show industry, but they also encourage experts to guest blog- providing you with the tools necessary to create a successful event.


Another useful aspect of Event Manager Blog is that it serves as a meeting ground for event planners to network and get to know each other. Whether a conversation is started between two event planners in the comments section of a post or guest post, on the blog’s LinkedIn group, or Event Manager Blog’s Twitter page, Event Manager Blog is the place to meet, network, and share ideas with fellow event planning experts and trade show industry leaders.

Please note: At the time of this post, Event Manager Blog does not host a Twitter chat, but they highly recommend #expochat for event planners and trade show industry leaders.


Event Manager Blog also provides event planners and trade show exhibitors with the opportunity to share their own event planning tips, stories, and advice through guest blog posts. Focused on education and community, Event Manager Blog encourages passionate event planners and trade show exhibitors to educate and inspire their readers. In this way, event planners can easily share their event planning tips in front of a large audience.


Upon opening Event Manager Blog in your web browser, your visual senses will quickly come alive as you scroll from page to page. Event Manager Blog has taken the time to not only educate its readers, with powerful written content, but the layout, structure, and images throughout their posts are designed to help to get the creative juices following. So, if you’re having a bit of event planner’s block then take a moment to browse through Event Managers Blog and event planning inspiration is sure to strike.


Finally, if for no other reason, (though we hope the first four reasons have motivated you to join the Event Manager Blog community) event planners and trade show exhibitors should follow this blog in order to stay up-to-date on the latest in event planning and trade show trends. With multiple blog posts added each week, Event Manager Blog provides readers with useful information about the event planning industry. From event planning and event staffing to event technology and social media, Event Manager Blog is your one stop shop for your event planning needs.