Trade Show Model Success Tips: What to do when you first arrive at a show.

What you should do when you first arrive at a trade show.

We recently talked to some experienced promotional models and asked them to share some advice with those who are just getting started in the industry. Shira, a Baltimore-based promo model had some great advice for things you should do when you first arrive to a trade show.

Things you should always do when you arrive at a trade show:

Always arrive early so you have time to familiarize yourself with the footprint of the booth.

You want to know where things are located in the trade show booth, so when a visitor asks for some material or about something within the exhibit space, you are not hunting around for things and can smoothly direct them to the appropriate place.

Get yourself introduced to all of the people who will be working in the booth, and understand what they are responsible for.

You absolutely want to know who’s who in the trade show booth.  Find out who the key players are where your important trade show leads get referred to. You’ll want to meet the other trade show models you’ll be working with and develop a good rapport. You should try to get a better understand of who your subject matter experts are for the company, especially when you are representing a complex brand or service. This will help you with smooth transitions in conversation when handing off guests who desire a deeper conversation with a salesperson.

Find out if there are any important or expected client or prospect visitors to keep an eye out for.

Often times your client will have pre-scheduled some appointments with important visitors. Find out who will be stopping by, and when so you are prepared to offer them a warm greeting and let know you’ve been expecting them. This extra effort can go a long way for the client in their relationship with that VIP visitor. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness about their business.

Check out the booths right around where you’ll be working to familiarize yourself with the area.

It’s always a good idea to know your surroundings. Take a look at the neighboring booths and what they are offering. If what they are offering or presenting relates to the product or service you are representing, it’s always a good idea to have a little knowledge about them and ask your client how your product or service is different or unique.

These are just a few tips to help you be successful as a trade show model.