Hire Baltimore Trade Show Models for Natural Products Expo East 2015

Baltimore trade show models for NPE 2015

Are you the exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East 2015? Are you looking for a way to make your trade show booth stand out? Then, consider hiring Baltimore trade show models and event staff. Baltimore trade show models will not only increase your booth traffic, but they will also help your team to collect leads and close sales.

Interested in hiring Baltimore trade show models for Natural Products Expo East, but not sure where to start? Here are 4 different types of Baltimore trade show booth models to consider hiring this year.

Hire Baltimore Trade Show Models

4 Types of Baltimore Trade Show Models to Hire for Natural Products Expo East 2015

Hire Baltimore Product Demonstrators – 

Baltimore trade show models for NPE 2015Does your product require a demonstration? Baltimore trade show models hired for the Natural Products Expo East are ideal for product demonstrations because they know what it takes to gather a crowd at your booth and keep the crowd focused on your product. Baltimore product demonstrators are passionate about their job, have no difficulty memorizing content, and love to be in the limelight explaining the unique features of the product, no matter what it is! Finally, by hiring Baltimore product demonstrators to perform a product demonstration, your sales team is free to mingle through the attendee crowd, build relationships, and close deals with your most important customers.

Hire Baltimore Product Samplers –

Similar to product demonstrators, product samplers are ideal for the Natural Product Expo East because they are friendly, outgoing, and not afraid to approach attendees that are passing by the trade show booth. Product samplers also have the ability to memorize important facts about the products, conduct surveys, and answer basic attendee questions. Most importantly, product samplers are ideal for Natural Products Expo East because, well, it’s the Natural Product Expo! A booth without a product sampler at the Natural Products Expo East is a very rare sight indeed. To learn more about hiring product samplers, contact us.

Hire Baltimore Bilingual Models – 

This year’s Natural Product Expo East will have over 21,000 attendees. Each of which is a potential customer and sale for your brand, so it’s important to reach as many attendees as possible. By hiring Baltimore bilingual models your team will increase its chances of reaching a wide range of attendees. By reaching more attendees your team will be able to expand its brand awareness and increase your lead generation and sales. Hire Baltimore bilingual models to speak: Spanish, Italian, French, and so much more!

Hire Baltimore Costume Models – 

Finally, consider hiring Baltimore costume models for your booth at Natural Products Expo East 2014. Costume models and character models are great for attracting attention to your booth and creating a positive atmosphere. Costume models take the pressure off your team to attract attention and engage with attendees before they speak with your sales team. Hire Baltimore costume models to dress up in your company’s brand logo or a costume that relates to your brand or the theme of your booth.

Where Can I Hire Baltimore Event Staff and Trade Show Models for Natural Products Expo East 2015?

Ready to hire Baltimore trade show models for Natural Products Expo East? Contact us to get started! Our experienced Account Executives are happy to help you find your ideal team of trade show models and event staff. Simply tell us what your event needs are, then sit back and let us find the ideal Baltimore trade show staff for your booth.