Bilingual & Multilingual Interpretation Services

Ideal for international clients attending trade shows in the United States.

Hiring Interpreters & Translators for Your Promotional Events

If you’re an international client that is seeking the assistance of a language interpreter, than Vantage Advertising is the interpreter agency you need! Not only do we hire bilingual and multilingual models for trade shows throughout the United States, but we also hire interpreters.

Interpreters and translators are ideal for international clients that are attending trade shows in the United States and want to cut costs by hiring translators local to the area. Translators are also ideal for exhibitors whose clients are international and may speak little or no English. No matter what your interpretation needs are, we will be sure to fulfill them!

Bilingual Models – Reaching a Larger Audience

Trade shows often serve as hubs for people of diverse experiences and cultures to come together and discuss topics related to a particular industry. In order to breech this diverse culture and reach a larger audience base, we recommend hiring bilingual & multilingual models.

Bilingual models are especially useful for events taking place in a city that has predominately two languages, such as Miami, San Antonio, Los Angeles, or San Diego. Bilingual models are also ideal for companies that are dealing with international clients whose first language is not English. Ready to book? Search our promo models!

Multilingual Models – Breaking the Language Barrier

If hiring bilingual models can open up a whole new world of attendees and increase your trade show audience, then imagine what hiring multilingual trade show models can do for you!

Similar to bilingual models, multilingual models are ideal for events taking place in a city or environment where multiple languages thrive. But, that’s not all. Multilingual trade show models are also great for interacting and engaging with attendees who feel more comfortable speaking their native language. Imagine the kind of first impression your company can make by hiring multilingual trade show models for your booth! Contact us today to begin your booking process!

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Experienced Interpreters & Translators

Vantage Advertising is a nationwide event staffing agency that hires bilingual models, multilingual models, and interpreters ranging from basic conversational levels, to 100% fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and many other languages. Increase your international sales by hiring a bilingual model, multilingual model, or language interpreters through Vantage Advertising today! To learn more about our company check out our about us page.


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Bilingual Models, Multilingual Models, & Interpreters!

Has your team considered hiring bilingual models or interpreters for your next trade show? Bilingual models increase trade show leads and sales by reaching a larger audience. Learn about other event staffing services that increase your leads below.

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Hiring Bilingual Models & Multilingual Models

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