3 Reasons to Hire Event Staff for Football Game Promotions

Football game promotions

3 Reasons to Hire Event Staff for Football Game Promotions

As football season quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how your brand can make an impact at NFL games nationwide this year. With the right marketing campaign, football game promotions can result in a large increase in lead generation, brand awareness, and sales for your brand. But, with thousands of rowdy patrons pouring into the stadium every second on game day, it’s important to hire event staff that can handle the job. Not everyone has the skills or patience to handle this type of crowd, so be sure to have the best team by your side when the tide comes rolling in.

Hiring Promotional Models & Event Staff for Football Game Promotions

Our event staff and promotional models are experienced in event marketing and just what your team needs to make sure your promotion goes off without a hitch. Here are three reasons why your marketing team should consider hiring promotional models and event staff for football game promotions this year.

Experience with Diverse Crowds –

Promotional models working football promotionThe most important reason to hire event staff and promotional models for football promotions is because they have experience dealing with large and diverse crowds. Event models and promotional staff are familiar with working at busy, loud, and distracting trade shows, so they know how to keep attendees focused on your booth and converting them into customers despite all of the noise.

Experience Qualifying Leads – 

Because of their trade show experience, event staff and promotional models know how important lead qualification is to your brand. They can quickly pick quality leads out in a crowd and know how to move the unqualified leads away from the booth. This skill is especially important when your booth is surrounded by thousands of (let’s be honest) intoxicated patrons. For more tips for attracting and obtaining quality leads, please be sure to read: How to Drive Quality Trade Show Leads to Your Booth.

Social Media Marketing – 

Another reason to hire event staff and promotional models for football game promotions is because of their skills with social media marketing. Almost all event staff and promotional models have experience working with social media during a promotion and know how to use it to increase your brand awareness, leads, and sales. Whether your team wants/needs likes, follows, shares, or comments- event staff and promotional models will help your football game promotion surpass those goals and get noticed on social media. Event staff and promotional models also have a knack for attracting patrons, enticing them to take pictures, and encouraging them to share the photos on social media, so ALWAYS make sure your event staff is wearing branded attire! For additional tips on how to incorporate social media into your football promotions please read: Using Social Media at Trade Shows – 5 Tips You Can’t Ignore.

Hiring event staff and promotional models to support and compliment your marketing campaign is the best way to increase lead generation and sales at your next football game promotion.