Using Street Teams to Market Your Mobile App

A street team of brand ambassadors

Using Street Teams to Market Your Mobile App

You’ve put in hours of hard work creating your brand new app, now how do you generate downloads? Not everyone has a large marketing budget set aside for multi-media campaigns. But if you’re looking for a cost effective way to market your mobile app, consider using a street team. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which using a street team can boost downloads and how you can implement a street team into your app’s marketing plan.Why hire a street team of Brand Ambassadors?When used correctly, a street team can be a great asset to your overall marketing plan for the launch of your new IPhone or Android app. By hiring a group of Brand Ambassadors, you can hit the ground running and interact directly with potential users.   This type of street marketing allows you to get the word out about your app in order to:1. Make a Personal Connection with IPhone & Android User One of the best aspects of a promotional street team is that you are connecting with your audience face to face. With an app, interactions are through a screen or mobile device, connecting in person gives you a chance to demonstrate your apps interface, and educate potential users on its functionality.

Street teams also give you the ability to target your specific audience by launching them exactly where they are. Think of what a typical day would be like for your target audience or what events they might be attending. Then get your street team out on the ground to meet them where they are.2. Generate Excitement about Your New Mobile AppA promotional team gives you an opportunity to create activities that generate buzz around the launch of your app. The best street marketing takes place when you can come up with a tactic that grabs attention and keeps people interested in what your team is saying. One popular approach is orchestrating an entertaining spectacle such as a flash mob, but you can achieve similar results by using simpler ideas as well. Here are five killer marketing and distribution strategies for your app.  If you’re looking for more ideas, funny costumes, outgoing brand ambassadors or distributing promotional items can also get people excited about your new app.How does a street team promote a mobile app?When looking for ways to market an app, getting people on the street to download your app might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many practical ways to get people to download your app after interacting with your street team.1. App DemonstrationsStart by hiring a professional street team that can be trained on the features and abilities of your app. Then, pinpoint the top qualities of the app that will be of most use to users.  Afterwards, have your promotional team hit the streets and show actual users how your app will benefit them.2. Hand out Free SWAGOffering a free gift to people who download your app is a successful way to generate new users. This can be as simple as a promotional item with your company logo, a gift card or a free car wash. Try to tie in your giveaway to your product. If you are a restaurant give out coupons for free meals or appetizers. If you’re a grocery store, hand out insulated bags or reusable grocery bags. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is enticing enough to get people interested in using your app.3. Use QR Codes To Market an AppMake it as simple as possible for people to reach your app. Have QR codes and direct links available on postcards. This way they don’t have to do any searching in the app store and can go directly to your app.  Plus, you can give these postcards to passersby so they don’t have to stop to download. This makes it simple for them to get to your app later.When should I use a promotional team to market my app?The benefit of a street team is not just the time spent pounding the pavement. You can leverage your street team’s presence in all aspects of the marketing plan for your app promotion.1. Before You LaunchUtilize your street team by building buzz prior to when they will be on the ground. If you’re going to be present at specific events, promote your presence prior to the date through your social media channels. Then tease the products and services you might offer for free in return for downloading your app. You can even offer bonus prizes to those who show up to the event with your app already downloaded. Get the word out about your street team so that people will be on the lookout for their presence. Decide on a hashtag that you will use for your street team to promote before, during, and after your street marketing campaign.2. On Launch DayThe most common time to use your street team is on launch day. Pinpoint events to attend, shopping areas to be in, and popular clubs and restaurants to visit with your street team. If your business has a storefront, be sure to hire street team members to be present in front of your building as well. Then leverage your social media channels to drive more traffic to where your street team is going to be throughout the day. Provide extra incentives to people who find your street team first or those who post a photo with your team and the hashtag. This increases the reach of your campaign and the number of downloads for your app.3. After Your LaunchDon’t let your street team promotion stop after your app launches. Collect plenty of content from the day of your promotion that you can continue to utilize. This can be photos and videos of your team or testimonials of those who used your app after they met the street team. You can push this content via your website and social media channels (with your hashtag!) to continue to drive people to download your app.


Remember, street team marketing is supposed to be innovative, unique, and eye-catching. So have fun coming up with some creative ideas and make a connection with your potential app users on the street. If you’re looking for individuals for your street team, contact us today.