Characteristics of Successful Trade Show Models

characterisctics of sucesful trade show models

Characteristics of Successful Trade Show Models

While you may be familiar with the terms “trade show model” or “promotional model”, you may still be wondering what invaluable characteristics successful trade show models bring to the table. In this post, we will explore the eleven winning characteristics that these models possess and how those characteristics help them thrive in a competitive staffing industry.  Looking for pricing?  Find out how much it costs to hire a trade show model by reading our previous post.

#1 Passion and Excitement:

Trade show models showcase their passion for your company when they are representing your brand. They are unafraid to show their excitement for what you have to offer the public and get potential customers excited about your products and services. Successful trade show models do more than just put on a big smile and chat; they genuinely get to know what your company is about and are passionate about what they can do to help your company succeed.

#2 Impeccable Professionalism:

Trade show models embody many things: confidence, attractiveness, energy, and communication skills among several other traits. And while it may seem like there is a lot for them to do and focus on, they never disappoint and always remain professional through every situation.

#3 A Knack for Garnering Feedback:

Of all the valuable characteristics these trade show models possess, this is one is at the top. Savvy promotional models know how to gather important information and feedback from your customers. They know how to genuinely listen to your target audience and ensure you are getting all the insight you need.

#4 Eloquence:

It goes without saying that any business professional who hires someone to represent their company wants that person to be expressive and articulate. Eloquence is just one of the many valuable characteristics these models possess. They will not only clearly explain your company and products or services to your target audience and other members of the public; they will talk in a persuasive way that will capture your audience’s attention.

#5 Public Speaking Skills: 

The ability to articulate a concept, brand, or company in an intimate conversation is one important skill and professional public speaking experience is another. Successful brand representatives know how to capture an audience’s attention and confidently address them about any topic. As someone who manages or owns a company, you undoubtedly want a representative who keeps an audience engaged and interested in learning more.

#6 Innate Leadership Skills:

Brand ambassadors know how to take initiative and get things done. They are able to attract new clients who will listen to them because the best brand ambassadors exude confidence and energy. When you have someone who can naturally lead and exude confidence, your target audience will want to follow.

#7 Organizational Skills and Dependability:

While the primary role brand ambassadors play is to be part of your company’s image, they are also excellent at tending to certain back-end details. You can depend on them to stay in communication with you, work efficiently, have everything organized, and handle multiple tasks at one time. As brand ambassadors, they are not just pretty faces and good speakers; they are business professionals with attractive critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

#8 The Gift of Fostering Relationships:

Successful brand ambassadors love building and nurturing relationships with your clients. They have a natural gift for it and are dedicated to fostering critical relationships that will maintain current clients and bring in new ones. The best brand ambassadors do not act like salespeople. Instead, they are focused on building loyalty between your customers and brand. They will spend as much time as possible garnering an intimate knowledge of your company as well as your unique clients.

#9 A Love of Marketing:

As stated above, brand ambassadors don’t act like sales people. However, while they aren’t about to push sales on your customers, brand ambassadors have an impressive love of marketing. They know how to talk effectively about your brand and company, strategically build relationships, and optimize the overall image your company is giving off. They are well versed in the realm of marketing and know how to put their knowledge and experience to good use for the sake of your company’s image.

#10 Credibility:

Clearly, when you hire a brand ambassador, you don’t want someone with a less-than-upstanding track record. But when you work with a professional event staffing agency, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the most credible, reputable brand ambassadors there are.

#11 The Ability to be a Team Player:

While brand ambassadors have certain traits such as the ability to work self-sufficiently, lead groups of people, exude confidence, and persuade your audience, they also know how to be a team player. More poignantly, they know when it is appropriate for them to be a team player and when it is important to step up. Great brand ambassadors know how to collaborate, be a part of a group effort, and humbly acknowledge that while their role is important, they are not the sole reason for sales and company popularity.

To learn more about the various traits of trade show models and how they can help strengthen your company image, get a hold of Vantage Advertising today. We offer staffing for trade shows, corporate events, and other professional functions in major cities across the United States.