Hire E3 Expo Models – 5 Types of E3 Expo Models

Hire E3 trade show models

Hire E3 Expo Models – 5 Types of E3 Expo Models

As the E3 Expo quickly approaches, it’s time to start organizing and planning your marketing strategy.Will you be running promotional games, handing out promotional items and brochures, or hosting presentations and product demonstrations? No matter what exciting marketing strategies you have in store for E3 Expo this year- it’s important to find and hire the right event staff in order to make sure your promotion goes off without a hitch!

While bringing a team of sales staff seems like a great way to generate leads and close sales, you may want to consider other types of event staff to help attract and build relationships with attendees. Hiring expo girls for the E3 Expo has proven as an impressive and exciting way to create an atmosphere at your booth that attendees will be drawn to. Hiring expo models is also an easy way to increase your trade show sales and leads.

But, what types of E3 Expo will best suit your booth? Here are 5 different types of E3 promotional models that will produce the results you need! Use this article to help determine which E3 Expo models compliment the needs of your booth.

Hire E3 Expo Models- 5 Types of E3 Models that Attract Attention & Leads to Your Booth


Does your marketing team plan on educating and inspiring attendees at E3 Expo through product display and/or product presentations? Then consider hiring a spokes model or presenter. Spokes models will showcase and describe your brand in a way that impresses attendees, excites them about your product, and provides them with the most valuable and accurate product information. They do this by flawlessly presenting your company’s material and content to attendees through skilled use of ear promoters, teleprompters, and/or by memorizing 20+ minutes of content and material. So, instead of forcing one of your team members to idly stand in front of a crowd, considering hiring a skilled and beautiful spokes model to wow and persuade them!

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Similar to spokes models, product demonstrators are ideal for, you guessed it, demonstrating and describing your products at the E3 Expo! With little to no instruction, product demonstrators hired for the E3 Expo will transform and showcase your products into fascinating pieces of technology that attendees will want to learn more about. After demonstrating your product to attendees, product demonstrators will conduct a Q&A session, answer attendee questions, and facilitate discussions on both your product and brand. This will provide your sales team with the perfect time to make their way around the crowd collecting leads and closing sales!

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As we all know, the E3 Expo is a massive international electronic entertainment expo that attracts companies and attendees from around the world. Because of this, your team has the ability to make connections, build relationships, collect leads, and close sales with a diverse group of people. However, without the ability to effectively communicate with the attendees and exhibitors, this amazing opportunity will be missed. By hiring bilingual expo models to work at your booth, you will be able to connect and communicate with double or triple the number of attendees. In turn, by attracting and communicating with more attendees, it will lead to an increase in lead generation and sales!

Hiring bilingual trade show models is also ideal for exhibitors that are not fluent in the English language. By hiring bilingual models for E3 Expo, international exhibitors can have them act as translators for interactions between their brand and consumers.

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Because of the nature of this event and the type of audience it attracts, (nerdy, intelligent, men and women in the electronic and technical fields), costume characters are a great way to excite attendees and attract them to your booth. E3 Expo costume characters are especially effective when they are dressed in a costume that directly relates to your product. For example, if you hire E3 Expo costume characters to dress up as your latest product with moving and electrical parts- get ready for your booth attendance to double!

Another idea is to hire E3 Expo costume characters to dress up as your company logo and walk around the booth and/or trade show floor. This will excite attendees that are familiar with your brand and intrigue attendees that are unfamiliar with your brand and encourage both to find your booth.

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Finally, if your brand is simply looking for a way to fill your booth with educated, intelligent, and experienced event models, then hiring E3 expo models in the traditional sense is what you need. Traditional expo models are ideal for greeting attendees, passing out and discussing product information, running booth games, collecting leads, and so much more. Expo models have years of experience in the trade show and event industry and know just what it takes to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts attendees and keeps them coming back for more. Traditional expo models will also create an amazing first impression of your brand, build relationships with attendees, and pass them to your sales team when a sale is ready to be made.

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When it comes to hiring event staff, it is worth the time, energy, and money spent to find the perfect event team for your E3 Expo booth. Without an amazing expo team by your side, you and your brand are missing out on hundreds of potential leads and sales.