Hiring Race Flag Girls: 5 Ways Flag Girls Make your Brand Stand Out


Hiring Race Flag Girls: 5 Ways Flag Girls Make your Brand Stand Out

Gentlemen; start your engines! It’s that time of year again! It’s race car season! And, if there is one thing we’ve learned about racing events, it’s that they are loud, chaotic, and have a passionate crowd. So, how can your brand avoid getting overlooked? What marketing tactics have been proven to reap benefits at racing events? Fortunately for you, hiring race flag girls is an easy and fun way to help your booth make the impression it needs to stand out in the event chaos.

Not sure what race flag girls are or why you should hire them? Flag girls are promotional models that are hired specifically for NASCAR, car shows, racing events, and other events to help brands get noticed by handing out promotion items, interacting with racing event fans & drivers, and waving flags to signal the start of the race.

By hiring race flag girls for your upcoming racing events, your brand is sure to see an increase in booth traffic, leads, and sales. To help prove this point, here are 5 ways flag girls make brands stand out at racing events.

Hiring Race Flag Girls: 5 Ways Flag Girls Make Brands Stand Out At Racing Events

1. Attract Attention  

Hiring race flag girls is a great way to grasp the attention of the racing event crowd, but how? The main role of most race flag girls is to wave flags to signal the start of the race. This means that when you hire race flag girls, all of the spectators will be watching them from the moment the race starts. In turn, almost every spectator in the crowd will recognize the flag girls. Then, as the flag girls head to your booth, they will attract a crowd of spectators with them. After the spectators have been attracted to your booth, the race flag girls will engage in conversation with them about your product, brand, or service- which will ultimately lead to more leads and sales!

2. Keep Spectators Excited & Energized                                                           

Another reason race flag girls will help to make your brand stand out is by keeping the spectators excited and energized for the long day ahead (especially in the outdoor heat)! Race flag girls have years of racing event and trade show experience, so they know just what it takes to keep spectators happy and excited during the long racing days. Whether they are running interactive booth games, passing out promotional items, or just plain having fun- race flag girls are the perfect way to keep the crowd energized and keep their attention focused on your booth.

3. WOW Spectators with Event & Sport Knowledge

Race flag girls are passionate about the racing industry. They are knowledgeable about the sport and are interested in engaging, interacting, and sharing their passionate opinions with diehard racing fans. In turn, this will attract the crowd to your booth as they become excited to talk to your event staffing team. And, if for some reason the race flag girls you hire are not as knowledgeable about your specific racing event and/or sport, they will take the time to research the topic until they are experts and ready to talk to the fans. By staffing your booth with a knowledgeable, passionate, and beautiful promotional team, what patron would avoid missing out?

4. WOW  Spectators with Brand Knowledge

As if being knowledgeable about the racing industry and specific sporting events wasn’t impressive enough, race flag girls also take the time to get to know your brand by researching it beforehand! In doing so, they are fully preparing themselves for brand related questions, discussions, and ensuring your booth is full of knowledgeable brand representatives. However, while race flag girls try their best to be as knowledgeable about your brand as possible, unfortunately, they won’t be able to learn everything. So, if there is anything specific you want the race flag girls to know before the start of the event, it is best to provide them with that information ahead of time.

5. Reach Diverse & Broad Audiences

Finally, the last way that hiring race flag girls will ensure that your brand stands out is by helping your team to reach a broader and more diverse audience. But, how will they do that? One way is by hiring bilingual race flag girls. In doing so, your team will be able to interact with a more diverse audience. Hiring race flag girls will also help you to reach a larger audience, because they will attract all types of spectators. From men to women, and old to young, race flag girls are ideal for attracting a variety of ethnicities, cultures, and genders to your booth.

All in all, hiring an energetic, attractive race flag girl to represent your brand will guarantee the traffic that you deserve at your booth and increase your leads and sales! Ready to book race flag girls for your next racing event? Contact us today to get started!