Increase Trade Show Leads – Using the 5 Senses


Increase Trade Show Leads – Using the 5 Senses

When it comes to exhibiting at a trade show, we can all agree that one of our main goals is to generate a lot of trade show leads, right? Most importantly, we want to increase the number trade show leads from last year’s show. But, how can we increase our trade leads? What trade show lead generators should we use?

One of the best ways to generate trade show leads is through the use of the 5 senses.

Lead Generation- Use the 5 Senses

Anyone who’s attended a trade show before knows that trade shows, at times, can cause sensory overload. So, how can your trade show booth stand out among all that noise? The 5 senses are vital aspects of the human, so why not use them to your advantage?

By incorporating all 5 senses into your trade show exhibit, attendees are more likely to be attracted to your booth, more likely to talk with your booth staff, and more likely to become interested in your product, brand or service.

Not sure how to incorporate the 5 senses into your trade show booth? Here are some examples to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Sight-

Use signage, unique booth design, or attractive promotional models to draw attendees to your booth

2. Smell-

Incorporate air fresheners or baked goods that will attract attendees to your booth. For more tips on how to use scent marketing at your next trade show check out out blog: Scent Marketing: Using Scents at Trade Shows.

3. Taste-

Give away free candies, chocolates, or a lunch coupon to attendees that stop by your booth. Don’t forget to put your logo on the wrapper!

4. Touch-

Encourage attendees to touch and try your products, or offer free feet or back massages at your booth.

5. Hearing-

Incorporate music by setting up stereos around your booth.

How else can you appeal to attendees using the 5 senses? Share your thoughts with us below! And don’t forget to add us to your RSS feed.