Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Modeling

Promotional Modeling Jobs Do's and Don'ts

Promotional modeling jobs, tips for success.

At Vantage Advertising, we’ve been booking promotional models for marketing campaigns for nearly a decade. Sign up with our agency or continue reading for help you with your next promotional modeling job. We’ve come up with 10 do’s and don’ts every promo model needs to know.

10 things you should always do on promotional modeling jobs:

  1. Research the client, products, and services.  Do some homework before the promo event so you walk in prepared. This will go a long way with your client and will help you be engaged from the start of your promotional modeling job.
  2. Create your best first impression with the client.  Show up ready to work… Meaning your hair is done, makeup applied and you are dressed for success!  You should be ready to work the minute you arrive at event.
  3. Plan to be early.  Early is on-time, on-time is late!  Give yourself a few extra minutes to get to your promotional modeling job. When you arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule, the client will appreciate it, and it will give you a moment to breathe and collect yourself before your shift starts.
  4. Be ready with a handful of engaging questions to ask visitors. Come up with a list of questions, or study and practice the ones provided to you by the client. Often times, you’ll be responsible for keeping visitors happy while they wait to speak with a sales rep, and if you have a list of planned questions you can ask – you’ll be ready to engage in conversation without awkward silence. Try to avoid the standard questions like “What do you think about the promotion?” The questions you ask should relate to the industry of the client you are working for. Additionally, open-ended questions will keep your guest interested in the conversation. Hint: ask questions that will get your visitors talking about themselves or their company.
  5. Be approachable. This is key when working  promo modeling jobs. Your job is to either blend in with the brand as an “employee,” or to stand out and draw attention to the promotional items. Either way, show attendees should feel welcomed by you and should feel they can approach you easily.
  6. Know the event layout and resources. The last thing you want is for someone to ask where something is and not know the answer. Get the lay of the land before the start of the shift. Know where all the sales resources are located so you can easily point guests in the right direction without having to look around yourself.
  7. Be a good listener. Let’s face it… you may be working a show for an industry that is of no interest to you. Remember, you are a paid employee for the duration of your shift, and it’s your job to love the products and services. When you are in conversation with a booth visitor, you need to be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Don’t be thinking ahead to what you’ll do after your shift is over, or wonder what your bestie posted on Facebook from the night before… Be present.
  8. model working a promotional jobSmile and have fun. Nobody wants to approach someone who looks bored or unhappy. Part of your promotional job is to draw people into the event space. A smile will go a long way. When you can create a fun atmosphere it draws people in.
  9. Embrace the brand. Nine times out of ten, a visitor won’t even know you are a promotional model. Be an extension of the brand and blend in as if it’s your full-time job.
  10. Practice. Take time before the show to practice your questions. Say the names of the products, services, company, brand several times. Rehearse the questions you will ask. When you do this, it will feel more natural to you and will create a seamless experience for the customers.

Things you should never do when working a promotional modeling gig.

When you’ve been booking promo models as long as we have, you get the negative feedback when things don’t go well. If you are doing any of these things while working as a promotional model, there’s a very good chance you won’t get booked again.

10 things you should never do on promotional modeling jobs:

  1. Never chew gum. Unless you are working a bubble-gum convention, chewing gum is an absolute no-no when working a promotional modeling job. If you are worried about fresh breath, keep mints handy.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol or eat garlic or spicy foods during the day. In our list of do’s, we encouraged you to be approachable. Smelling like alcohol or garlic could actually turn people away.
  3. Don’t wear too much perfume or essential oils. Yes, you should smell nice, but there can be too much of a good thing. Especially if are the person who wears essential oils. Perfume or cologne that is overpowering can keep people away.
  4. Promotional Modeling Job Don'tsDon’t be on your phone. You are being paid to work, so stay off your phone. During slow times, ask your client what you can be doing. Don’t stand around on your phone. Put it in your purse or jacket pocket so you aren’t even tempted.
  5. Don’t be a wallflower. You are being paid to engage clients. If you stand in the corner and look shy it won’t help your client. Stand at the perimeter of the event space and greet visitors as they pass by, inviting them to step in and explore what your company has to offer.
  6. Don’t be late. This applies to arriving at the beginning of your shift and returning from your breaks. When you are late it sets the tone for the entire day. Be early!
  7. Try not to smoke before your shift. As a smoker, you carry a certain smell with you. The smell of cigarette smoke lingers for quite a while. It’s probably not a good idea to smoke a cigarette just before arriving at your promotional modeling job.
  8. Don’t leave the event space unattended. If it’s your break-time or the end of a shift, and you’re the only one around, go the extra mile to make sure there is coverage before you step away. Your client will appreciate it.
  9. Don’t wear new shoes or heels that are too high. You are going to be on your feet for a long time. Treat your feet well. If you are in excruciating pain because your shoes are brand new and end up being slightly too high or too tight, your discomfort will show. Break shoes in before you wear them for a promotional event, or find heels that are super comfortable. We’ve got some tips for avoiding foot pain on the trade show floor.
  10. Don’t bad mouth anyone for any reason, ever. You are not there to bash the competitors or even other promotional models who are working with you. Only allow positive things to come out of your mouth.

If you can stick to our do’s and don’ts as a promotional model, you should have a great event experience.

Be professional and courteous. Have fun, but not too much fun. Your client will likely book you again in the future if you can follow our list of promotional modeling do’s and don’ts.