Trade Show Marketing – Using YouTube at Trade Shows

How to use Youtube at trade shows

Trade Show Marketing – Using YouTube at Trade Shows

Are you a trade show exhibitor that wants to connect with your audience and share company information in a new and exciting way? Then consider using social media at trade shows and watch your leads and sales dramatically increase! We have already talked about the value of Twitter at trade shows, but what about other platforms?

YouTube is one medium that is certain to help your brand stand out in the crowd, and can be useful to the company well beyond the actual event! So, how can you get started integrating YouTube into your social media marketing plan? Check out our tips for using YouTube before and during the event!

Trade Show Marketing – How to Use YouTube at Trade Shows

Before the Show

1. Upload a Short Video – 

Before attending a trade show, upload a short YouTube video that explains who your brand is, what product you are offering, and some FAQ’s relevant to the consumers. These pre-show videos can be posted a week or two before the event and can then be shared on outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. Don’t forget to use the event hashtag or tag the event in your postings to increase traffic to your site and video!

2. Upload a Product Video –

Is your company releasing a new product or service soon? Consider posting a teaser video on YouTube and sharing it to social media platforms. Don’t give away too many details though because you need to give consumers a reason to come and check out your booth! Product videos are an awesome way to make consumers excited about your brand and interested in finding your exhibition at the trade show!

During the Show

1. Upload Customer Product Reviews

During the trade show, ask consumers to test out your product and then express their opinions of it in a video review! Make sure to hire a videographer to catch these moments on camera. And, don’t forget to hire promotional models to ask for permission and to hand out and collect consent forms before recording any attendee’s reactions. To increase attendee participation, offer to enter each attendee’s name into a raffle.

Once you have collected the footage, post it to YouTube and let the testimonials speak for the value of your products. People trust reviews, and a real-time, non-commercialized video testimonial will be build greater trust in your brand. Not to mention, this type of campaign will catch peoples attention and draw attendees to your booth.

2. Upload a Product Presentation Video – 

Is your team hosting a product presentation? Make sure you have a team member film the presentation and the upload it to YouTube so that people who couldn’t attend the show can still hear what you have to say. These types of informative videos attract customers to your brand and show clientele that your brand is knowledgeable in the field. This may also spark customer interest in your company and the products or services your brand provides. Don’t forget to upload your presentation slides on Slideshare as well, because these can be placed onto LinkedIn or Google+ and reach an even wider audience. Remember the YoutTube videos are all about promoting your industry and sparking interest in your company and brand!

3. Upload a Product Demonstration Video – 

Are you doing a product demonstration at the trade show? Are you getting attendees involved with workshops or contests? Be sure to have a colleague record the product demonstration and then post it to YouTube. People will enjoy viewing or sharing the content later especially if they are in the video. You can even collect business cards or contact information and offer to send a link of the YouTube video to them! This builds company awareness and acts as a subtle follow-up after the show!

Consumers connect well with visuals which is why YouTube is a great social media platform to invest in for your next trade show. The best part? Any videos you create can be posted to your YouTube channel and shared on all your social media platforms for maximum reach!