Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2016

2016 trade show trends

Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2016

With the New Year only a few months away, it is time to start talking about the latest trade show trends expected to dominate the trade show floor in 2016. In order to stay competitive, exhibitors need to stay on top of all the newest developments and latest trends so that attendees will flock to their booths! Here are 5 trade show trends that we expect to see in 2016!

5 Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2016

1. Use SnapChat To Connect

Consumers want to feel connected all at times, and there is no better way to reach your target audience than by utilizing the popular app, SnapChat,  that is dominating the social media world. Now that SnapChat has debuted it’s latest feature called, Our Story, event organizers and trade show organizers are more than likely to start incorporating it into their promotions and marketing strategy. The Our Story feature, which allows people attending the same event to share to a communal snap story of their experience at the event via photos and videos, is likely to become popular at trade shows, conventions, and other events. The Our Story feature of SnapChat is a great way to promote an event both on and offsite.

What does this mean for exhibitors? This new SnapChat feature means that in 2016 we can expect more attendees and industry professionals to turn to their mobile devices to find the most interesting booths and the best giveaways at each show!  Social media at trade shows and real time marketing has never looked so good.

2. The Rise of Event Apps

Another trade show trend to watch out for in 2016 are event apps. The development of event apps is becoming increasingly popular and 2016 might be the year when it tops the charts at trade shows. Foot-traffic technology is one such feature that may be regularly utilized in event apps to tell exhibitors and attendees where the most trade show action is taking place and navigate them on how to get there. Event apps with foot-traffic technology may also give attendees an opportunity to interact with companies by finding out exactly where their booth is, how many people are there, the fastest route to get to the booth, and the expected wait.

Event apps are also great advertising opportunities for companies looking for greater exposure as many of these apps offer flash ad opportunities to introduce attendees to new brands and products.

3. Technology for Connectivity

2016 is going to be the year all about connectivity as consumers look for quicker ways to retrieve information. Wearable technology, like smart watches, with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities are becoming more relevant in the business world and we predict them to become  even more predominate in the trade show industry in 2016. In addition to wearable devices, wireless communication is taking off, as more and more companies are utilizing touch technology that allows people to share files, contacts, and information just by touching devices. Poken is a great example of this type of technology.

Companies attending trade shows in 2016 should consider the advancements of wearable and touch technology, and incorporate these devices into their booth design. Perhaps instead of connecting with attendees on a tablet, you can share company information to them with just a touch of your smart device!

4. Tailored Presentations

Attendees at trade shows are constantly bombarded with information that is unrelated to their specific needs and by the time promotional models get to the product details that attendees want to know, the sale may already be lost. So, how can this process be perfected?

The use of personalized technology allows visitors to have a more customized experience at your booth. This personalized and interactive technology takes users down specific path so they have unique experiences where they choose what they want to learn about your company based on their needs and interests.

5. Mixed Displays

Booth design is always an important trade show trend to watch, because great use of trade show space can make exhibitors stand out from their competitors. So, what do we predict for trade show displays in 2016? We have already seen overly simple and complex booth designs come and go, which means that this year we can look forward to booths that demonstrate a combination of these two concepts. The unique and bold aspect of this trade show display combination will draw in the attention of consumers, while an interesting layout with simple structures will catch the eye of modern trade show attendees.

Next year is going to be interesting for the trade show industry as we see the use of unique and interesting booth displays, the integration of technology in every aspect of the trade show experience, and fun and exciting performances and product demos! We predict that 2016 is going to be a year of the consumer, as we cater our technology and booths to fit their needs. And, by giving the customers more and better access to the information they are interested in, brands are more likely to see a large increase in trade show leads and sales.