Trade Show Graphics – What Color Says About Your Brand

Trade Show Graphic Colors

Trade Show Graphics  – What Color Says About Your Brand

The color scheme of your trade show graphics is an important factor for drawing attendees to your booth. But, what color scheme should you include in your trade show graphics? Which colors will help to increase your trade show traffic the most? While it is smart to design your trade show graphics with your company’s color scheme in mind, it is important to note that not all colors are created equally and some will naturally draw in the more attendees that are interested in learning more about your products and services.

Psychologically, each color means something different when used in marketing, so with a little help from HelpScout, we have analyzed the true meaning of seven (7) colors to provide your trade show team with a better understanding of what colors will mean to trade show attendees approaching your booth. Here’s what we learned.

 Trade Show Graphics – Choosing Trade Show Colors for Your Booth Design


Yellow stands for positivity, warmth, and clarity. The true color of happiness is represented by yellow. Incorporating yellow color schemes into your trade show graphics will show your audience that your company is cheerful and welcoming. This color is most frequently used in trade show graphic color schemes because it exuberates optimism and radiates warmth, which draws in a wide range of attendees to your booth at your next trade show. Yellow is a primary color, complementary to purple.


Orange stands for friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence. Following yellow, orange is another comforting and joyful color choice for companies interested in creating a warm and welcoming trade show booth for attendees. Orange might be used to exuberate assurance and conviction to the consumer while at the same time using its warmth and happiness to draw in interested buyers. Orange is a complement to blue.


Red stands for excitement, youthfulness, and boldness. Red is a strong and popular trade show color choice because of the power it portrays. While red is known for being impudent, it is also a surprisingly stimulating shade on the color wheel. Many trade show exhibitors choose to incorporate red into their trade show graphics because it stands out and is visually exciting. The color red is also known to entice the feeling of exploration into new territory which, when incorporated into your trade show graphics, can cause attendees to be interested and attracted to your trade show booth.  Red is a primary color, complementary to green.


Purple/Violet stands for creativity, imagination, and sensibility. If your trade show marketing theme incorporates of message of imagination then purple is just the color you’re looking for. The color purple will portray a message of originality and inspiration to trade show attendees. Purple is also a wise choice for companies launching new products or in a field where creativity is required. Purple is a complement to yellow.


Blue stands for dependability, strength, and trust. If your brand is trying to portray itself as bold and strong then consider incorporating a blue color scheme into your trade show graphics. By incorporating blue colors into your trade show booth graphics you will show your audience that your products are steady and reliable.  Blue is a primary color, complementary to orange.


Green stands for healing, peacefulness, and growth. Because its shade represents serenity and forward progress it is no wonder that green represents a sustainable movement. Incorporating green into your trade show graphics can be used for brands interested in connecting to their audience by using a restorative color. Green is also great way to show the evolution and advancement of your brand over time. Green is a complement to red.


Gray stands for balance, neutrality, and calmness. Choosing a neutral color like a gray shade expresses a relaxed and composed vibe to the audience. Its objectivity will not suggest any powerful feelings among attendees, but rather it acts as a calm shade that can be used for companies that are trying to be strong and solid, but not over the top on the trade show floor.

If your company’s values and goals do not necessarily align with your brand’s current trade show graphic color scheme or its current logo, do not fret! Simply try to select colors for your trade show graphics that compliment your brand’s logo or consider re-branding in a unique brand campaign!

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix-and-match a handful of colors to create a color scheme that more accurately reflects your brand’s message and trade show goals. Many brands choose to use multiple colors in their booth design to attract a wide range of markets and to create and appealing color scheme!