What Promotional Modeling Gigs Pay the Most Money

what promotional modeling gigs pay the most money

What Promotional Modeling Gigs Pay the Most Money?

The promotional modeling industry is involved with a wide variety of different events.  These events pay different rates depending on: type event, location, model’s look, experience level, and degree of professionalism. Pay rates for this type of work can range from $15 – $80 per hour.  Before we get into which promotional modeling gigs pay the most, let me tell you a little more about myself.  I have been working in the fashion, trade show and promotional modeling industry for over 7 years.  I’ve worked modeling gigs both nationally and internationally.   Currently I work as a Jay Manuel makeup model at HSN in Florida.   Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you which modeling gigs I’ve found pay the best rates!

In which cities do promotional models get paid the highest wages?

The best rates are typically offered by high end promotional companies in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. These rates can vary, but typically range from $35-$75 per hour. These promo companies are very selective with their models and what it is they’re looking for. Some characteristics these companies tend to prefer are: a height of 5’8” and up, a proportional thin body type, a great face, and a pleasant personality.

Which types of promotional event pays the most money?

In my experience, the top paying promotional events are as follows: casino gigs, red carpet events, movie premiers, yacht festivals, celebrity events, and events with wealthy visitors.  For the majority of these events all you need to do is to look great in a fancy outfit, smile, take pictures, and interact with guests. In terms of compensation, you can make around $400 for 5 hours’ worth of work. If you want to be considered for these types of events, I suggest you have professional pictures taken and experience in the industry.

What trade shows pay the highest rates?

Trade shows are another type of promotional event that are good for making money. Working these shows can be fun, and gives you an opportunity to promote a variety of interesting products. Crowds normally pile up at these shows so there is plenty of opportunity to help your clients garner new business. Based on my experience, the highest paying trade shows are usually hair care, bridal, lingerie, and car shows. For these types of events you can make on average $250-$350 per day. These shows usually run for multiple days and the clients you are promoting generally hire their booth assistants for all of them. If you speak a foreign language you can make even more money as a bilingual model.  In addition to great pay, you will make new friends and can build your list of clientele.

What other types of events can promotional models work?

Golf tournaments are another type of event with a lot of opportunity for good pay. On average, these events pay $30-$35 per hour plus tips (if your agency allows you to take tips). Golf tournaments usually go for about 4-8 hours. I typically make about $150-$300 total for this type of event. Golfers can be generous tippers if you are friendly and fun. I love these types of events because you get to work outside; enjoy beautiful weather, nature, and the golf club facility all while making money.

Convention center events also pay pretty well. At these types of events you generally wear thematic costumes and interact with guests. Convention center events usually pay $25-$35 per hour and for that you are promoting brands and having fun. To work one of these events you must have an outgoing personality and a love for showmanship and entertaining.

Lastly, night club events (available only in NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles) offer a great chance for high pay. These events usually last around 3 hours and pays $50-$100 cash. You get paid for celebrating and dancing in the best night clubs, you get to work with other models and you have your own table with drinks.

The benefits of working as a promotional model are plentiful. You get scheduling flexibility, high hourly rates, and the enjoyment of working in fun environments. If you are young, beautiful, outgoing, and interested promoting a variety of different brands, promotional modeling may be for you!