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Planning Your Booth Staffing Strategy – Hostesses, Greeters & Models

Here are a few questions to consider when determining whether you should bring company employees or hire professional booth hostesses and booth models for your next trade show. What is the overall size of your booth? Does your booth have multiple entry points? What are the travel expenses associated with bringing company staff? What types of roles will the booth staff be responsible for? Will you be running a promotion that requires a dedicated staff member?

If you don’t have enough employees to cover all your trade show booth staffing needs or if it is more cost effective to hire a local booth hostess to run your promotional activities, then give us a call and we’ll help to find the perfect trade show booth models.

When Should You Hire Booth Babes?

Booth babes, like the ones seen at the E3 Expo and Consumer Electronics show, are a specific segment of the event staffing industry. Normally dressed in sexy attire, the main goal of these attractive male and female booth models is to promote a fun and exciting atmosphere while connecting with a specific target market. They should not be confused with professional brand ambassadors whom normally dress in business professional attire and are hired for their sales abilities and experience interacting with attendees on a trade show floor.

At Vantage Advertising we understand the roles trade show booth models play and work with our clients to ensure that the right promotional models are hired. Browse our booth models to get started!

Hiring CES Booth Babes & E3 Booth Girls

There is a large debate over the effectiveness of hiring booth babes for shows like CES and the E3 expo. So how do you decide if hiring a booth babe or booth model is right for your brand? It’s simple, think about your target audience and the image your brand is trying to portray. For example, liquor companies hire beverage promotional models to connect with males ages 21 – 29. They also hire promo models to help reinforce their brands association with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. If your brand has a similar target market and/or brand association you are trying to promote then hiring booth models might be a perfect fit for your marketing strategy.

If your business has a different target market or marketing strategy, then you might consider straying clear of booth babes and working with a professional brand ambassador instead. Contact us more information about how to hire the right promotional model for your brand.

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Featured Booth Models & Booth Hostesses

Ensuring your booth is properly staffed should be an important part of your overall trade show marketing strategy. Fortunately, Vantage Advertising is here to help. We specialize in hiring trade show booth models that attract attention and build valuable relationships for your brand. Our experienced Account Executives will work directly with your team to find the best staffers (booth hostesses, booth models, etc.) for your event needs. Contact us today or browse our models to get started!


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