15 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Promo T-shirts


15 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Promo T-shirts

Are promo t-shirts starting to take over your closet, dresser, and sanity? Are you desperately seeking creative ways to recycle old t-shirts? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

But, enough is enough! It’s time to start putting those old booth hostess t-shirts to good use!

Here are 15 creative ways to recycle old t-shirts

1. Donate them to a daycare or elementary school. They’ll use them as smocks for messy projects.

2. Donate them to a local shelter.

3. Reuse them as pajamas or workout clothes.

4. Use them to wash or dry your car.

5. Frame your favorite promotional shirts from your favorite trade show, convention, or conference!

6. Sew an old t-shirt into a bikini. Click here for a video tutorial.

7. Recycle old t-shirts into tote bags.

8. Recycle an old t-shirt by lining it in the bottom of a plant pot, so that the plant doesn’t leak water.

9. Make a necklace or bracelet! Cut the old t-shirts into strips, stretch them and sew the ends into a circle. Add beads, studs or other embellishments to make it stand out.

10. Cut old Promo promo t-shirts into strips, tie them in knots or braids, and use them as dog toys.

11. Sew old promo t-shirts together to make a promotional modeling quilt or blanket to help showcase trade shows you’ve worked in the past.

12. Cut the old t-shirts into strips and use them as dust rags.

13. Cut the old t-shirts into strips and weave them into a place mat.

14. Make an old t-shirt into a pillow.

15. Finally, recycle your old t shirt into a scarf.

What are other creative ways to recycle t-shirts?

For more information on how you can donate your old promo t-shirts contact Goodwill.