5 Street Team Marketing Tips to Expand Your Reach

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5 Street Team Marketing Tips to Expand Your Reach

Many companies use guerilla marketing techniques to capture the attention of their target market. One of these methods includes hiring promotional street teams to raise awareness about brands in a fun and exciting way. Is your brand running an upcoming street team marketing promotion? Here are five tips that will increase the success and revenue of your upcoming street team promotions!

Street Team Marketing Tricks

1. Spread the Word with Social Media

A great tool for attracting people to your street team promotions is by spreading brand awareness through social media. Social media is a cheap and effortless way to make initial connections with your ideal audience and spread the word about your brand.

One way to build up the excitement about your street team promotion is by posting photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat to get people interested in learning more about your promotion and brand. For an even larger reach, consider asking the promotional staff you hired to share live photos and videos of the promotion onto their social accounts as well. Not only will this help you to expand your reach, but it will also help your team to collect great user generated content that you can post onto your website via a blog post or events page.

Another way to build up excitement about your street team promotion is by running a contest or giveaway that encourages your target audience to mention your brand on social media. At the end of the event, share all of the photos and videos taken throughout the event and personally thank everyone that participated in your promotion and online contest.

Want more information on how to incorporate social media into your next promotion? Check out our blogs on using social media at promotional events!2. Get on Message Boards

The internet is covered in message boards for all types of communities, industries, and interests. Finding the right message boards and forums to advertise and promote your street team promotion is a great way to reach an even larger and niche audience. Have members of your team connect with the audience on these message boards and share with them the dates of your upcoming promotion.

3. Make it Personal

The best way to leave a positive impression with consumers is through personal, one-on-one engagement. People tend to reactive positively when they are approached by a friendly team member, get involved in a conversation that interests them, or have an opportunity to participate in an exciting activity.

Rather than having your team pass out pamphlets or flyers to mass crowds, consider incorporating a person-to-person strategy in your street marketing efforts. Consumers will appreciate interactions with your team and it will mean a more memorable experience for the audience.

4. Body Language Says More Than Words

Teaching your event staff about proper body language when working the street team promotion is imperative for the success of your promotional event. A team that is welcoming and open to consumers will be more approachable and appear friendlier to you audience, which will result in more positive experiences for consumers and better first impressions for your company.

Make sure your promotional event staff know not to cross arms when talking to customers or talk in groups away from your customers. Experienced and professional event staff will make eye contact will consumers, stand confidently, and be positive and welcoming.

5. Put on a Show

It is one thing to hire a street team to spread information about your brand, but it is even better to give the crowd a show. It is not always enough to have staff members in costume, instead – if your budget allows – it makes more sense to do something interesting that will capture more attention from your audience.

Some examples of these types of events are flash mobs, production demonstrations, contests, concerts, or any other form of entertainment. People love being amused and will instantly want to find out more about your brand if your promotion is attracting a crowd. Additionally, events that draw crowds will attract attention to your brand and products on social media outlets as well, which is a great marketing tool to advance your company.Remember that street team campaigns are not the right tool for every company, so before planning a promotional event, work with your team to ensure that a street team strategy will be beneficial and cohesive with the image of your brand. Want more street team marketing tips? Check out our blog: 25 Tips for Successful Street Team Marketing Campaigns.