Hire Event Staff for Surf Expo 2015

Hire event staff for Surf Expo

With over 26,000 attendees projected to be at Surf Expo 2015, it’s a marketing opportunity your team can’t afford to miss!

Being that the SURF expo is the longest running and largest board sports and beach lifestyle trade show in the world, this is your brand’s chance to stand out, attract new customers, and generate trade show leads. But how can you do this, you ask? The answer is simple; hire Orlando promotional staff to assist your booth in attracting attendees and engaging with them until devoted sales representatives can take over.

Hiring Orlando Event Staff for Surf Expo 2015:

Swimsuit Models –

Hiring swimsuit models for the 2015 Surf Expo is ideal for exhibitors that are interested in showcasing your latest swimsuit products and accessories because the trade show’s focus is on board and beach attire items. By hiring swimsuit models that are physically fit and athletic, they will be able to showcase your brand’s products and grab the attention of your ideal audience as they walk by. In doing so, hiring swim suit models for Surf Expo 2015 will increase your booth traffic, trade show leads, and ultimately your trade show sales.

Bilingual & Multilingual Orlando Models –

Buyers from all different parts of the world will be attending the Surf expo this year, so hiring bilingual event models is essential if your team is looking to increase international sales and reach a broader and more diverse audience. Our bilingual and multilingual models are 100% fluent in English and international languages such as: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and more. So, no matter what type of bilingual models you are seeking, we are sure to have experienced and reliable trade show models to meet and exceed your expectations.

Promotional Models –

Finally, consider hiring Orlando promotional models for your booth. Our Orlando promotional models add an unparalleled life and excitement to your booth and work hard to engage with attendees to create lasting relationships with them. Being that there will be over 2,000 other exhibitor booths at this expo, hiring Orlando promotional models to greet attendees, pass out information packets, run promotional games, and/or run product demonstrations is the ideal way for you booth to break through the clutter. Our promotional models have years of experience working at a wide-range of events and shows, so they will arrive onsite trained, prepared, and ready to go. Finally, you can expect our Orlando promotional models to connect with your most valuable customers by explaining your product/brand and also handing out promotional items.

Exhibiting at Surf Expo 2015

Not sure whether or not your team should exhibit at Surf Expo 2015? If your brand is even remotely involved in the board and beach industry, then you absolutely should be! Here’s why:

• It’s the longest running and largest board sports and beach lifestyle tradeshow in the world
• The expo draws buyers from specialty stores across the U.S., Caribbean, South America, and other various parts of the world
• Nearly 4,000 lines of board sports, beach, and vacation-related merchandise, and boutique fashions will be represented
• Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase and highlight their new products

So, there you have it. Three different types of promotional staff you should consider hiring for the Surf Expo 2015.

Looking for a different type of Orlando promotional model to hire for your booth? We staff several types of promotional models, so browse our event services page for a full list of the different types of event staffing services we offer.

Ready to get started? To begin hiring Orlando promotional models for Surf expo 2015, contact us today!