How to Increase Trade Show Lead Generation & Networking with Poken

Increase trade show leads with Poken

How to Increase Trade Show Lead Generation & Networking with Poken

As event organizers, it’s sometimes difficult to find ways to make your event both effective and exciting for all those involved. What can you do to encourage attendees and exhibitors to break the ice, interact, network, and keep them coming back for years to come? Does it take a great venue location? Hiring event staff? Or is it as simple as finding the right event organization software?

When determining the answer to this question, we researched a variety of event organization software programs and stumbled across Poken, a cloud based platform that is just too interesting and too innovative, not to share with our readers.

To learn more about this amazing product, we sat down with Steve Delmont and he taught us everything we needed to know about Poken and how it makes an impressive difference at trade shows and events.

Increasing Lead Generation and Networking with Poken: An Interview with Steve Delmont

Q.  First and Foremost, What is Poken and How Does it Work?

A. Poken is the best combination of hardware, mobile, and cloud-based software. Simply put, attendees use and create contact rich profiles on their Poken, including social information, while vendors create digital portfolios of marketing materials, including, but not limited to: videos, PDFs, brochures, and PowerPoints on their Poken Tag. Then, as attendees wander throughout the event interacting with brands and event staff, they connect their Pokens with Poken Tags and instantly receive digital copies of this rich content from each exhibitor. This Poken contact also provides the exhibitor with the attendees’ contact and profile information. This contact sharing solution is a green, paperless, and lead generation system that stores all data in the cloud and is accessible via our mobile and desktop integrations.

Q. What is the Overall Goal or Mission Behind Poken?

A. The goal of Poken is to make events greener, more efficient, and more effective. We are also focused on being a full-service event company. We want to service our clients from start to finish. We can even provide a team of experienced professionals to attend each Poken event, walk the show floor, answer questions, fix technical issues, and provide solutions to our clients. Our client is our number one focus and we make that known.

Q. What Type of Industries Can Use Poken to Their Benefit?

A. Poken is a great product for all industries because it provides an easy solution for connecting with potential leads and sharing your most valuable and beneficial content. You won’t have to worry about your information packets or brochures being thrown out or lost again. Instead, Poken allows all of this information to be available on the cloud and easily accessible by attendees and exhibitors 24/7. And, with Poken, the exhibitor now knows that each lead is a hot/warm lead because the attendee was interested enough in their product or service to request more information.

For more specific examples, we’ve had real estate companies, software, hardware, Fortune 100 companies, etc. all use Poken both in consumer-facing shows, B2B shows, and internally for employee retention.

Q. What are the Benefits of Using Poken over Paper Business Cards or Badge Scanners?

A. Poken provides longevity, freshness, and the ability to always stay connected via the cloud. Poken also produces warm leads because the attendee had to perform an act to get your information, so you know that they must be interested. Another benefit of Poken is that because everything is on the cloud you can use and make changes to your content, even at the last minute! Poken is also cheaper than shipping pamphlets and/or catalogues to and from the show.

Q. How Does Using Poken at a Trade Show or Event Make a Business’s Product or Service Stand Out?

A.  Poken is a great ice breaker and conversation starter. No longer does a follow up have to be, “I saw you at the such and such show,” or “you stopped by our booth.” Instead, with Poken the conversation can be, “You stopped by at 4pm on Friday the 8th and picked up our brochure on Product X,” or “I’d like to see if you’ve had time to review our video or look through our digital catalog.” Essentially, Poken provides exhibitors with a much more precise follow up and allows the distribution of any type of media, which completely modernizes your message.

Q. Can Attendees/Brand Control What Information and Social Media Links They Share With Others?

A. Yes. As mentioned previously, attendees and exhibitors can login to their profile and update their content at any time, before, during, or after the show.

Q. What is the Capacity of the Product? Are there Different Amounts of Storage Available?

A. That’s the beauty of it: storage is cloud-based, so attendees can store as many contacts as they want, and an exhibitor can put a wide range of information on their tag.

Q. What is the Most Beneficial feature of Poken?

A. Poken saves you money and well surpasses the number of high quality leads you would receive using traditional marketing tools.

Q. What is the Average Cost of Poken for an Event Organizer?

A. 95% of our customers average about $15-$20 per attendee. Now, that’s a ballpark number because many of them reduce their overall cost by selling advertising space in the cloud-based portal and special lead generation kits to their exhibitors.

Q. What Features are Included in the Cost of Poken?

A. The Poken hardware and lifetime access to all of the attendees data in the Poken portal. Meeting and management companies can also request other services from us such as: lanyards, custom made name badges, QR code integration, on-site show support, Poken walls where we put all of the Poken tags, consulting and programming services, and the list goes on.

Q. How Can Companies that are Interested in Using Poken Get Stated?

A. Event organizers that are interested in using Poken at their events can call us at 1-888-612-8352 for a product demo, visit our website: