Trade Show Booth Etiquette: Don’t Overlook the Basics


Trade Show Booth Etiquette: Don’t Overlook the Basics

As exhibitors, we spend most of our time double and triple checking our trade show checklist  in hopes that everything runs smoothly. Consequently, we become so focused on the small details that we forget about the basics. But, basic trade show booth etiquette is what determines who, how many, and how long attendees stay at our booth, and ultimately the show’s success.

Below, we‘ve listed the 7 guidelines for trade show booth etiquette basics you should never forget.

 7 Guidelines for Basic Trade Show Booth Etiquette

• Smile

• Make eye contact

• Shake hands

• Listen

• Make sure your team wears the appropriate trade show attire at the show. Tattoos should be covered and nontraditional piercings should be removed.

• Go easy on the cologne or perfume

• Bring mints

• Use extra deodorant

• If you can’t make time for every attendee that approaches your booth, then hire trade show models to assist you. Not sure how to hire a trade show model? Read our blog post on how to hire the right trade show model for your booth.

• Make sure that at least one member of your trade show staff is present at your booth at all times to collect and generate trade show leads.

• When attendees approach your booth, put down your mobile phone and interact with them face-to-face.

• Make sure your trade show team members know the ins and outs of your company and what goals you are trying to accomplish. You team should be prepared for any question attendees may present at your booth.