Video Blog: 2 Tips for Trade Show Prep

Video Blog: How to prep for a trade show.

2 things you should know to prep for a trade show modeling gig.

Questions to answer before every trade show: a Video blog from Waltriessa De Leon

There are some things you learn from experience as a trade show model… like how to prep for an upcoming event.

Las Vegas promo model Waltriessa DeLeon has some questions she gets answered before every gig to help her prepare. Before she steps into a promotional modeling gig, she wants to know things like:

  • How big is the company?
  • How long have they been attending this show?
  • Why do they come to this trade show?
  • How big is the trade show booth?
  • How many people are working with me at the booth?

Watch the short video clip to get Waltriessa’s tips on how you can better prepare for your next trade show modeling gig.

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