Why Small Businesses Should Consider Hiring Tradeshow Brand Ambassadors

IRC Expo - Chicago Trade Show Models

Why should small businesses consider hiring tradeshow brand ambassadors?

You’ve perfected the business plan. Now it’s time to get the prospects.

Trade shows are one of the best ways to expand your small business’ reach and to market your products or services in front an audience of potential customers. It’s a real-time, in-person, face-to-face opportunity for buyers and sellers to make personal connections that could lead to successful business relationships—and that’s why it’s critical to elevate your trade show from an ordinary exhibit booth to an event that’ll be remembered. We have experienced trade show models to give you that competitive advantage.

Put Your Best Face Forward

The first impression you make at your exhibit can make or break a business deal, especially when you’re trying to establish your business in the market place. Our trade show models are trained to represent your brand in the best light imaginable and they’re experts at getting people to stop in their tracks—for all the right reasons. Whether it’s handing out marketing materials, promotional items, or letting prospects spin for prizes, our models will add an element of fun and excitement to draw potential customers into your booth.

No Marketing Department? No problem.

Adding more salaries to your payroll isn’t going to help get your business off and running. A trade show model alleviates the need to create a new position in hopes that you’ll find the right people to get the job done. Our models are natural marketers for your business, so we eliminate the guess work by providing talent who can quickly learn everything about your business and fill the role of a professional brand ambassador.

Every Penny Counts

Just like adding a salary subtracts from your small business’ bottom line, the cost of sending your own employees to trade shows can quickly escalate—not to mention slow down your day-to-day operations. Sending someone from your own staff would put you on the hook for travel, food, and hotel expenses. Our experienced trade show models are staffed throughout the country, which gives you the advantage of hiring local, more affordable stewards of your business.

Your Booth is a Reflection of Your Small Business

It’s true that you want your booth to stand out on the show room floor—but that needs to be backed up by a high standard of quality and professionalism. Afterall, your booth is a direct reflection of your business. We ensure our credible trade show models portray the exact image you want potential customers to buy into.

Seal the Deal

A high ROI is crucial to your small business. Hiring one of our trade show models gives you the benefit of advertising your business in a unique way, which may lead to more leads than a traditional, less efficient approach. Plus, our models can rank leads for you, giving you the advantage of meeting with the most qualified prospects first.

A Sightline for Insight

Before a business deal happens, you need to thoroughly understand and listen to potential customers. Feedback and questions about your small business can come in at a million miles per hour. Our ready-for-anything trade show models will make sure you’re getting the most important information from leads so you can address specific demands.

The Gift of Gab

When you’re trying to make a name for your small business, it’s important to have someone who can eloquently articulate your services. You want a brand ambassador who can not only gain the attention of potential customers, but also someone skilled at getting them interested in learning more. When you hire our trade show models, you can trust that someone will be in your booth who can confidently address any topic.

More Traction Means More Action

Rather than idly stand and wait to react to potential customers who approach your booth, our trade show models can actively search for leads all over the floor (if you’re trade show allows it). This gives you the advantage of extending your reach to people who may have passed by without even noticing or inquiring about your small business. Our models can pass out promotional material and invite leads to stop by.

Natural Problem Solvers

Another advantage of hiring our trade show models to represent your small business is the organization and attention to detail you’ll see. Our models are in direct communication with you throughout the entire process, tending to certain back-end details to keep things running smoothly. You won’t simply be getting a smiling face in your booth, you’ll be getting highly-professional problem solvers with critical thinking skills.

But wait, there’s more!

We know what you’re thinking—how could there possibly be anything more to gain when you fill your booth with our models? Well, there is. Here’s just a few additional benefits:

  • Never have an empty booth again – stretch, refresh and take a break. Our models will hold down the fort.
  • Our models are active promoters on social, keeping up with what’s trending and engaging your audience with the most effective hashtags.
  • You’ll be free to walk the floor, network with other exhibitors, and check out the competition.
  • Free up more of your valuable time to follow up on voicemails, check emails, and handle calls.
  • You’ll get a friendly face ready to greet visitors and welcome all questions.
  • Our models can also act as guides, directing potential customers to areas of interest.

Learn more about staffing your next booth with a tradeshow model with Vantage Advertising. Vantage Advertising is an elite staffing agency that employs a talented network of event staff, brand ambassadors and brand ambassadors across the country. No matter how big or small your business, we can help you position your company for success.