Trade Show Marketing Ideas: How to Create An Atmosphere at Your Booth

Trade show booth exhibit display

How to Create an Inviting Trade Show Booth Atmosphere

Happy Trade Show Marketing Ideas Friday! After reading several blog posts pertaining to retail store atmospheres, we thought it would be interesting to apply these ideas to trade show booths! Creating a positive atmosphere within your booth can help generate leads and increase your sales. Think about it – when attendees stop by your booth they want to have a pleasant experience that they will remember long after the show is over.

Below, we’ve outlined 6 elements of booth atmosphere that trade show exhibitors must consider when designing a trade show booth. Use these trade show marketing ideas to increase your booth traffic and generate more trade show leads.

How To Create an Atmosphere at Your Booth

1. Layout

Be sure to design a trade show booth that is easily accessible and visible to attendees. When it comes to booth layout, a simple design always works. A unique layout may look cool, but if attendees cannot easily navigate within your booth, that layout is worthless. Also, consider where your merchandise displays will be within your booth. Make sure that each display can be seen clearly from all angles to ensure no potential lead is missed!

2. Lighting

When choosing the lighting for your booth, consider the promotional merchandise and products you wish to highlight. Use lighting that focuses on these areas to quickly draw the attention of your target audience. But, be careful not to use lights that are too bright or attendees may be bliiiiiinded by the light.

3. Style

Another trade show marketing idea is to create a trade show booth that is unique to your brand’s personality. Take a moment to consider what attendees associate with your brand. Incorporating these characteristics into signage, trade show booth staff, and your trade show display will create a booth that is unique to your brand’s image. Be sure to use your brand’s trademark and color scheme to further connect your booth to your brand.

4. Attractions

When it comes to trade show booth attractions, the possibilities are endless! Interactive trade show games, massage chairs, and contests that aren’t overly complicated or time consuming are a great way to generate traffic and make a memorable booth experience for visitors. Hiring promotional models to run these games and introduce your brand to potential clients creates a positive experience at your booth that is sure to generate leads!

5. Music

Music is a very powerful aspect of a trade show booth, but using it in the wrong way can actually draw attendees away from your booth. When deciding whether or not to use music in your trade show marketing plan, it is important to consider the event location. For trade shows inside a large convention center, loud music paired with the noise from thousands of attendees may do little but distract and annoy attendees. The right music selection also depends on the demographic characteristics of your target audience. Style of music varies for different age groups so choosing a style that matches your target demographic is critical. If you are uncertain of how music will affect your booth, it may be better to skip the tunes and focus on the other elements of booth atmosphere instead.

6. Booth Staff

Finally, it is important to remember the professional men and women staffing your trade show booth. Not only do they need to know about your brand, but they need to have an engaging, outgoing, and up-beat personality that attracts attendees. Hiring the right booth models and then training them for the job is key to creating an ideal atmosphere at your booth.

Has your company seen success implementing any of these trade show marketing ideas? Comment and let us know! For more tips on booth designs, be sure to read our blog post on increasing trade show leads using the five senses.